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Comment: Re: Depends (Score 1) 512 512

I run VISTA, of all things. I know how to do maintenance, repairs, speed it up, defrag, turn off unnecessary programs, etc. But you know what? If I wanted to do this, I'd go to work and get paid for it.
I figure, load the system up with extra memory and faster drives, and not worry about it.
As of this writing, my system is something like 8 years old and ungodly slow. fifteen minute boot time.
I could take the time to clean it and carefully reinstall all the oddball programs I run on the thing, optimize it, etc.
But if I'm going to take the time to do that, I'll just get a new system anyway, it needs updating.

Comment: Re:Marriage, in general (Score 2) 1080 1080

I would argue further.
Marriage is now the domain of NON-STATE/FEDERAL entities, and let it exist as such, since there are obviously various definitions of it coming into existence.
Wanna get married? Fine, do it.
Your Church/social club/culture believes in marriage between (insert some definition of marriage here)? Fine, go ahead.
Want the state to grant tax rights, parental rights, etc? Nope, sorry, fill out the form establishing these things if you want them. If you want to marry your (insert definition of partner/s here), then fill out the appropriate paperwork for them to visit you in the hospital, whatever: file it, you're good to go.

The issue is not so much that everyone wants their thing. It's that everyone wants their things and wants the state to back them up on it and for everyone to pat them on the back and agree with them.

Would this kill the concept of marriage? almost certainly, over time.

Comment: sigh. (Score 0) 1080 1080

When logging onto slashdot today, I thought to myself. "I know this has absolutely no connection to technology*, but I"m sure I'll see gay marriage somewhere up there.".
Lo and behold, there it is.
May I suggest a new topic: "What is your favority candy?" or how about "Cute Kitten Photos"

*- I know someone will suggest "but lots of techs are gay"

Comment: Re: Allow me to respond from the perspective of an (Score 1) 614 614

Please use paragraphs, or something to split up your logic. I have to change my fonts just to make your post readable.
I am in no way commenting on your content, rather it's presentation.
I'd like to read it, it just hurts.


Comment: Re: Tolls? (Score 1) 837 837

With more freight moving by rail, and ending up in distribution points closer to the final destination, most huge delivery trucks would be replaced by much smaller vehicles.
Think three trips of a smaller truck versus one giant truck, which would cause a huge decrease in road wear.

In 1750 Issac Newton became discouraged when he fell up a flight of stairs.