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Comment Re:The cost of doing business (Score 1) 215

I STILL, two years later, receive calls form India for the loser who had my cell number previously, telling me I qualify for loans I applied for, or from debt collectors.
I've even received a few calls from car dealers, telling me the car he was looking at was available.
I spent some time educating them as to the reliability of "Chris".

Comment Re: Depends (Score 1) 517

I run VISTA, of all things. I know how to do maintenance, repairs, speed it up, defrag, turn off unnecessary programs, etc. But you know what? If I wanted to do this, I'd go to work and get paid for it.
I figure, load the system up with extra memory and faster drives, and not worry about it.
As of this writing, my system is something like 8 years old and ungodly slow. fifteen minute boot time.
I could take the time to clean it and carefully reinstall all the oddball programs I run on the thing, optimize it, etc.
But if I'm going to take the time to do that, I'll just get a new system anyway, it needs updating.

System going down in 5 minutes.