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Comment: Re:Weekly/Monthly Salary (Score 1) 1103

Ah, but you see many employees can't have a bank account. If your history with bounced checks is bad enough, no bank will ever open an account for you. Sad but true.

Excuse me if I sound like a troll, but checks are what my parents used in the early 1980s. How the hell are these still even present in the US today, let alone a dominant form of exchanging money?

Comment: Not git related (Score 5, Insightful) 192

by Rob Kaper (#43262513) Attached to: Too Perfect a Mirror

This is not a problem with git --mirror: rsync or any other mirroring tool would end up in the same situation.

It's up to the master to deliver the goods and upgrading a master should include performing a test run as well as making a backup prior to the real upgrade. This was a procedural failure, not a software failure. But good to hear disaster was averted.

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