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Comment: Re:That first link confuses composite and componen (Score 1) 163

uhmm, component video is not same as s-video (or correctly should be called Y/C). Component has three cables (Y, Pb, Pr), Y/C has two cables (Y, C). What drives me nuts is Y/C has some improvement over composite but uses crummy cheap connectors. Composite lives on because works great in an industrial environment with a single coax and locking BNC connector. Of course it also has the RCA connector which is more rugged than that crummy DIN connector used by Y/C.

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The bigger problem is that the slashvertisement has almost as much information as the linked page, most of it word-for-word.

veering OT, I've been surfing internet on video systems (HD, bitrates, modes, codecs, connectors, etc). Your quote reminded me why so difficult getting good info on the web:

"Yet today you have some manufactures creating completely phony websites that are supposedly written by former employees of the company, who are supposedly letting you in on 'inside secrets' of the companies new equipment, only to find out that it's astroturfing. Astroturfing is when a company tries to disguise their sales agenda as an independent public reaction to their product, in this case with a phony website with covert disinformation. One such example of this technique is what Panasonic did when they introduced the HVX200. They created such a website until it was uncovered that while it had no reference to being a Panasonic supported website, it was. They since took it down in shame."

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by k6mfw (#47737841) Attached to: Anomaly Triggers Self-Destruct For SpaceX Falcon 9 Test Flight

Specifically, the space shuttle didn't have a launch escape system.

supposably the Shuttle was meant to be reasonably safe that an escape system is not needed, unfortunately it was not as safe as commercial airliners. Airliners from the 707 to the 380 don't have escape systems, they were designed to safe enough. Of course if the airplane is not that safe, re-design it so it will be. There have been crashes as nothing is absolutely safe. Like ejection seats were never considered for airliners, if you survive the punchout, will you survive the environment which you parachute into? i.e. frigid Atlantic ocean, barren hot desert, etc.

AC said, "from a documentary I saw on PBS, is that the escape mechanisms are largely an afterthought meant to soothe the public and legislatures." I don't think so. Escape systems were part of the design (in 1950s, ejection seats to tractor rockets to escape towers were all being considered. Though astronauts and cosmonauts are national heros, they in 1960s were military pilots on flights like test aircraft with ejection seats.

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by k6mfw (#47730015) Attached to: It's Easy To Hack Traffic Lights
I was thinking what do they use now. Years ago I remember fire engines and trucks had strobe light on top of cab that flashes sequences which causes traffic light to turn red on opposing traffic. In late 70s or early 80s I saw a Dodge van that was parked in Quement Electronics on Bascom Ave in San Jose (you old guys remember that store, favorite among geeks back in the days when Fry's was a grocery store). I guess this person got ahold of one of these and voila, never gets a red light. Question I always wondered if that was legal.

Fast forward to nowadays, do emergency vehicles use such a system and is it RF based?

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by k6mfw (#47729905) Attached to: It's Easy To Hack Traffic Lights
same with me, hacking traffic lights and reminded me of Benny Hill as the professor inserting hacked tape into the control system deck. Michael Caine said to the other members of his team though professor had "interesting reading material" to not make fun of him because he is very important for the job. I saw the movie last month (previously saw it in 1970s), featured the Mini Coopers that were screamers (back in the days almost all small cars were slow), Italian constantly honking horns (most in those little Fiats). In real life they do that even when traffic isn't moving.

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by k6mfw (#47699005) Attached to: Feds: Red Light Camera Firm Paid For Chicago Official's Car, Condo
I did a right turn at a major intersection but stopped before I turned. When I proceeded, there was several strobe flashes. Scared the crap out of me, muzzle flashes? Heard no gun shots. Lightning? uh clear skies. Am I gonna get socked with a big fine and huge increase of insurance because camera made a mistake? So far it's been months and nothing in the mail (unless there is an outstanding FTA waiting for 10-29), but I don't have that car anymore (bought another recently). Will such strobe lights freak someone out and cause them to t-bone me? I don't travel though that intersection much but when I do there is not much of a choice.

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by k6mfw (#47698949) Attached to: Feds: Red Light Camera Firm Paid For Chicago Official's Car, Condo

You think corruption is bad in Chicago, come to Atlanta or New Orleans sometime.

I wonder how such cities keep running i.e. water, power, sewage, traffic (though slow), electricity, food, etc. etc. and not collapse into some kind of Somalia environment with corruption gone rampant?

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by k6mfw (#47673487) Attached to: DARPA Uses Preteen Gamers To Beta Test Tomorrow's Military Software

So the kids are learning, they get to use cutting-edge software backed by a hefty financial contribution, and the end result could be a new way to provide computer-aided teaching.

I was thinking first having kids learn about finances so they learn at early age the basics instead of becoming like many adults burden with debt from misuse of credit cards and borrowing plans. But that's another topic.

Getting back to this topic, I haven't seen the movie or read the book but I looked up Enders' Game to see what reference was. It seems creepy the parallels. Perhaps my Gripe of the Month is so much value is placed on warfare but I guess that's were progress is made. i.e. computers, internet, DARPA are all war department driven. While our economy tanks because most never got basic financial education, now there's war brewing in Ukraine and Middle East I guess emphasis is raising children to deal with it.

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by k6mfw (#47643963) Attached to: Chicago Mayor Praises Google For Buying Kids Microsoft Surfaces

In my county, Santa Clara, it is $79k. They also receive generous benefits, and summers off. Teachers are paid fairly well compared to other non-technical college graduates.

I have to cry foul on this one. $79K is lot more than minimum wage but not high considering responsibility they have (future adults are children) especially this is Silicon Valley (one million dollars is not a lot of money). Yes, they get benefits as compared to other jobs that used to have benefits like pension plans but there is a jihad to eliminate those. Others not in the profession from billionaires to working stiffs don't believe teachers should have these.

You don't know teachers. Many have to use their earnings to buy supplies because politicos are too cheap to provide much of basic stuff they used to provide. Many teachers spend a lot of time after class and at home preparing lesson plans, etc. They don't have teachers aides like back in the days.

I don't want to hear this about there's not enough money, we find plenty to spend on countries, prisons, spying on citizens, etc.

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by k6mfw (#47625695) Attached to: With Chinese Investment, Nicaraguan Passage Could Dwarf Panama Canal

Pardon me, the empire that keeps trade routes open prospers; the empire that turns to lording over its own people falters.

I think I've heard this before. If empire puts the squeeze on trade routes, then its own subjects are too scared to expand and explore. Someone mentioned this analogy in another forum of what's preventing space exploration (oh, I don't have time to get the details and properly word stuff). Getting back to this canal, China has money to burn so may as well put it into this canal to provide options (it is one they can control where Panama they cannot). There is also amount of ships that can pass through Panama, even if it were wider (which it will be shortly) I heard there is a "traffic jam" of ships waiting in ocean for their turn.

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