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The Gimp

Journal: momd me down!

Journal by k4biR 5uxXoRs KoX
hi kabir! goo d morning! this is yu talking!@ di d you sleep weell1!!! are you stil ltired!

i know i am! due!D! wakey wakey@! stop sedning detah threats!

User Journal

Journal: i fucking rule

Journal by k4biR 5uxXoRs KoX
chances are, you're a bithc. if you're reading salashdot, that means you're a fat, homosexual, wanking bitch. who likes linux. who the fuck tlikes that shite anyway? you do, and that's why you need to give me head. now. as long as i don't see your pasty white, face, and have long hair, i don't give a fuck. so, in conclusiong

suck my cock.

"One day I woke up and discovered that I was in love with tripe." -- Tom Anderson