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by jythie (#47930235) Attached to: ISIS Bans Math and Social Studies For Children

In 1953 the percentage of GDP from manufacturing was 28%. In 2012 it was at 12%. I'd call that a drop.

Between 1953 and 2012 the GDP has gone up by about 600% (adjusted for inflation), so that is still a net increase in manufacturing by a significant margin, just not as large of an increase as other sectors.

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by jythie (#47925735) Attached to: Farmers Carry Multidrug-Resistant Staph For Weeks Into Local Communities
Wile I agree wit the basic idea that we should be more careful about when we apply antibiotics, it should be noted that while as a species we did indeed survived a long time without them, our mortality rate was a lot worse. Our natural immunity is not all that great, we simply breed fast enough that we do not die off.

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by jythie (#47910607) Attached to: Comcast Allegedly Asking Customers to Stop Using Tor
This might depend on which local Comcast is involved (they bought up hundreds of local ISPs, each with their own billing and procedures). With the main Comcast at least they are not supposed to do that. There was even a big push to try to find more solutions that did not involve a truck roll since the cost of sending someone out was very close to the average customer bill so it was viewed as a direction cancelation of any profit they would have made off that customer for the month.

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Just the other day I was looking at a kickstarter where the guy took his failed Shark Tank pitch video and reused it.

Apparently even though he was promising the impossible (including something crazy like 3000% back on your contribution) yet KS did not take down the project.

That is what bothers me here, they allow all sorts of projects run that have no prototype or work done on them, but they kick a few randomly for no apparent reason.

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That is kinda the problem. There will always be poorly maintained and half-ass managed facilities, it is simply the nature of humans. If a solution can not cope with this class of problem then it is not a good solution, human nature is one of the variables you have to take into account.

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I have to agree, actual coal burning trucks would be rather impressive in and of itself and be worthy of bragging about.

But yeah, people who build their identity around something which has as its core appeal that it upsets people, pretty douchy. Esp since many of the most popular videos involve blowing fumes on 'wrong' people like prius drivers or women who dare to not be impressed with catcalls.

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When they are the opinions of a small subset of delegates, delegates who made up a diverse group with competing priorities and philosophies, no, they can not be used to determine the 'real' meaning of the final document. A better source is reading over some of the debates that the delegates went through both during the original convention and the horse trading that went into the bill of rights. They had a pretty diverse set of ideas regarding what things 'really meant' with all sorts of 'but of course we do not really mean xyz' thoughts. For instance many delegates believed religious freedom should only apply to christians and thus exclude jews, muslims, catholics, and the natives.

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