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Comment: Very Sad (Score 1) 290

by jweller13 (#42196759) Attached to: <em>City of Heroes</em> Reaches Sunset, NCsoft Paying the Price
I've been playing City of Heroes since 2006. It had absolutely the best MMO gaming community I've ever come across. If you've ever played it you know what I mean. Teaming was the essence of it's model. Pick-up-groups (PUGS) routinely can stick together throughout an entire evening of playing missions, PUGs! for goodness sake. And the team members actually talk with each other, and joke around constantly while playing. It also had a gaming engine where character moves and powers we're motion capture based and not the oh so artificial looking and cartoonish computer generated human motion. Also it had a very tightly connected feel when playing your "toon" as we call them. Most games have a very squishy disconnect feel between your keyboard and the toon. It really felt immersive. Also the game developers were incredibly responsive and receptive to and part of it's gaming community.It had it's shortcomings of course like any game. I literally welled up when I learned of its closing. Some folks don't understand the emotional connection some of us have to this game. It's something you have to experience and can't really be explained. Farewell City of Heroes you are sorely missed. :-(.......

Comment: Bypass problem (Score 1) 464

by jweller13 (#41085093) Attached to: Ubisoft Claims PC Piracy Rate of 93-95%
It would seem that for MMO's that are F2P the supposed "need" for DRM is completely obviated. For most F2P MMOs revenue comes from in-game purchases. I was reading some other articles that for Sony, and NCSoft they saw very large increases in revenue from games when they went F2P. I am drowning in F2P games on my PC. An embarrassment of riches. I haven't touched, never mind even bought a game for, my console in about a year.

Comment: Misleading (Score 1) 263

by jweller13 (#40791859) Attached to: Google Announces Plans, Pricing For Kansas City Fiber Network
In the excerpt of the article at the top they changed it FROM ("And people who want much slower but conventional broadband can get it for free if they pay a $300 connection fee.") TO: ("and regular 'conventional' internet for a one time $300 fee."). They beat me to the punch. I was about to comment that "much slower" is a bit, unintentionally I'm sure, misleading. "Up to 5Mbps download, 1Mbps upload speed" [ https://fiber.google.com/plans/residential/ ]

Comment: Re:Meanwhile in California (Score 1) 734

From what I understand teachers are reluctant to give deserved low grades. There is so much competition to get into college that parents gasp in terror at even any bad grade. Parents apply intense pressure on teachers to elevate what should be a low or failing grade.

Comment: Reason for asking for documentation (Score 1) 884

by jweller13 (#40454385) Attached to: Arizona H-1B Workers Advised to Carry Papers At All Times
From what I understand the standing part of the Supreme Courts ruling is that a police officer can request proof of citizenship if they have reasonable suspicion they someone isn't legal, and it has to be in the course of otherwise typical law enforcement such as a traffic stop or such, profiling isn't allowed. My question is can someone give me an example of what could cause such reasonable suspicion, excluding of course the unlawful profiling of skin color, language, dress, etc. I'm not being snarky, I can't think of anything.

Comment: not copyrighted for most of human history (Score 1) 713

by jweller13 (#40373915) Attached to: David Lowery On the Ethics of Music Piracy
"We are being asked to change our morality and principals to match what I think are immoral and unethical business models.'" If I read it correctly, according to page 20 this well citation-ed paper music was not copyrighted for most of human history. http://www.rbs2.com/copyrm.pdf