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Comment Volume discounts next to be outlawed? (Score -1) 272 272

I suppose this clears the way for the Federal Trade Commission to outlaw volume discounts on all products. Why should I have to pay say $15 for a new computer fan when a computer manufacturer can buy 20,000 of the same fans for $8 apiece? Isn't it the same principle? And if our naive notions of fairness are inconsistent with basic facts of economics, shouldn't it be the facts of reality that we reject? Especially when there is an ignorant voting block to mollify?

Submission + - Pickles reduce social anxiety->

jwbales writes: A study out of the University of Maryland has shown that young people who eat fermented foods such as pickles, kimchi, and sauerkraut suffer less social anxiety. It is hypothesised that probiotics in the fermented foods change the ecology of the gut which in turn has an effect upon the brain.
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Submission + - Facebook just went down.->

jwbales writes: Early Tuesday, May 26 Facebook servers were unable to handle uploading photographs. Next they were unable to serve photos. Now Facebook is able to serve only text pages. Could be either a DOS attack or just an unusual volume of traffic due to the situation in Texas or due to people changing their profile pictures back after the Memorial Day weekend.
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Comment Learning BASIC using the Sinclair XZ80. (Score 0) 215 215

I first learned to program in BASIC in 1980 on a Sinclair ZX80 computer. I learned very fast because on any given line it would not let you enter an unexpected character nor would it let you do a newline-carriage return on a malformed statement. Granted, in 1980 I had been programming in Fortran for almost 20 years, but the immediate feedback offered by the ZX80 made learning BASIC a breeze. I still have my ZX 80 although it no longer boots up. I think its approach to teaching BASIC was clever and sound.

Comment Outdated air traffic control systems (Score 0, Insightful) 72 72

The US government should sell the air traffic control system to the highest bidder. That would probably be a consortium of the major airports and airlines. Any system run by bureaucratic management will necessarily be way behind the times technologically. The air traffic control system needs to be operated as a business, not a bureaucracy.

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