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Ironically enough, my source for this idea was Walter Wink's "Powers" series, which is about taking a close look at the Bible and what it has to say about power (hence the name) and social institutions, and how these can be regarded as living things in their own right. And even more ironically, that idea meshes quite well with Dawkin's ideas about cultural memes being analogous to genetics.

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War has been avoided many times.

So it has. Humans are, after all, also living creatures with their own agendas, such as survival. But every time war is avoided, how is that treated? Like we had won a terrible fight against a great enemy?

Or simply read what you wrote. Yes, war has ben avoided. You could replace "war" with "the Great Cthulhu" or "Slenderman" in that sentence and it would make just as much sense. War is not just an unfortunate failure of diplomacy. It's more, a pattern of behaviours inherited from our ancestors that are always there, suggesting a particular response to any perceived situation. And that pattern has been activated once again, and is guiding people's responses towards WWIII.

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It won't be the end of humanity... There's no chance that this will ever develop to that scale.

War is an archetypal situation. Once the possibility of one starting develops, it has "suction": people react to the archetype, and that threatens to overwhem rational thought. The archetype was worshipped as a divinity in many cultures precisely because war behaves as if it was a living thing seeking to devour people - or, in this case, the entire world.

So yes, there's every chance this will develop into World War III: Last Dance.

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by ultranova (#47810005) Attached to: Kernel Developer Dmitry Monakhov Arrested For Protesting Ukraine Invasion

A good cyberwarfare department could easily post lots of fake satellite imagery to google from multiple sources.

A good cyberwarfare department does what it's told. Gaining foreign hostility is likely one of Putin's goals in all this, because he can use the resulting siege mentality to concentrate more power in his hands. For that matter, economic sanctions work in his favour too, since they get Russians used to lower standard of living which gets blamed on West, thus allowing Putin to move economic resources to military.

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by HiThere (#47809459) Attached to: Low-Carb Diet Trumps Low-Fat Diet In Major New Study

No, he didn't get shouted down. And this doesn't say he was basically correct, either, it says ONE of his ideas was pretty good. If you go on an actual Atkins diet, expect your triglycerides to rise...which is not good, even if your weight goes down (which it is also likely to do).

FWIW, my doctor and the dietician she referred me to both said "Atkins is ok for the short term, I guess. But I'm not really happy with it, and don't stay on it for a long time." I think they were excessively chairitable towards him. Rising triglycerides is very not good, and I came off that diet "consistent with pre-diabetic", when before my only problem was weight.

OTOH, I still avoid refined carbohydrates, potatoes, etc. I'm hoping that the triglyceride levels will soon drop again.

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Haha. "Geophysics."


Priceless. That's a great word to use in a "you don't know what you're talking about" speech.

I don't get you guys. You have no clue exactly how mindlessly you're parroting things that you read on a blog somewhere, and me pointing it out is going to result in another angry tu quoque. I can't even imagine what series of thoughts that you might have had that lead you to go "I got you now!" with geophysics. But they aren't anywhere near sane.

Here's what people who actually study geophysics focus on in case you still don't grok why you reached peak stupidity.

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