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No matter how much space you take up with your PR waffle it is still PR waffle. Corporations are owned by shareholders and the shareholders have representation for the business vehicle they own, the corporation and thus taxes should be paid. If corporations do not pay taxes then every rich shit head will shift all their income into a corporation and not pay any tax (their PR=B$ plan). Another tax bracket is required for income in excess of 1 million dollars a 50% tax bracket. All taxes should be charged on local revenue regardless of off shore costs. Those off shore costs should simply be audited and the profits in the taxed as those profits were based upon local revenue. Any country internationally recognised as a tax haven should be economically ostracised and it's currency devalued to zero. All corporate officers should be tested for psychopathy, if tested positive for psychopathy, they should be banned from holding office in public corporations.

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by i kan reed (#47552921) Attached to: Stanford Team Creates Stable Lithium Anode Using Honeycomb Film

Have you seriously considered patenting this concept?

I mean, if you're an anti-patent revolutionary(or think it's obvious) then the reason to patent it would be to license freely to others instead of when someone else tries to patent it.

There is no reason to believe this concept is actually too difficult to implement on any level. You'd just need to devise a road safe linking system, and diagram it out, and that would take at most a matter of days for anyone who's done technical drawing before.

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by ultranova (#47551393) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: "GCC 4.9.0 Seems To Be Terminally Broken"

It is not actually possible to look at someone's post history*, which is clearly what you are counting on.

Just google "Zero__Kelvin (151819)".

Oh, I'm sorry, let me translate... "Don't you know how to motherfucking google, pinhead?" Was that correct? Does it need more fucks? Should I use "moron" instead? My Tough Nerd is a bit rusty.

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by i kan reed (#47550565) Attached to: Stanford Team Creates Stable Lithium Anode Using Honeycomb Film

Of course I know that.

The problem, as I'm trying to make clear, isn't the absolute value of an electric car. It's an amazing thing. The problem is that people naturally will compare things to what they personally have at their disposal now. And when one attribute comes up short, it's human nature to reflect on that shortcoming, and how much it will cost you.

I mean, I personally would take the: simpler maintenance , quieter running, lack of gas station trips in "normal usage", lower running costs, and lower environmental externalities as more than enough to make up for it for me.

But others won't.

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by ultranova (#47550153) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: "GCC 4.9.0 Seems To Be Terminally Broken"

We all like to think leaders all command respect and everyone just follows them because they're the leader. Bullshit. One technique, employed by MANY leaders is being a total fucking asshole, at least part of the time.

Yes, and the result it gets is that those who can, leave, and you're left with those desperate enough to put up with you taking your personal problems out on them. And even they will do their best to hide anything that might set you off from you, so you'll get the winning combo of bottom of the barrel workers and bad situational awareness.

You don't get respect by acting like an asshole. You get treated like the crazy person you are.

If you're coding GCC, maybe you might at least sub-consciously think "boy, I better not release utter shit, or I'll catch some serious shit from that asshole Linus Torvalds... what a cock gobbling asshole that Torvalds is".

Or you'll just start deleting messages from him without bothering to read them. If there's a serious bug, a person who isn't an asshole will report it eventually. Even if you're getting paid and must open the message, there are other bugs not submitted by assholes, and guess which - or rather, who - gets priority?

Is that the ONLY way to run an organization? Probably not, but as another thread points out, it's a common pattern of effective leaders.

It's a common pattern for people who get power, even through pure luck. Lots of people only behave because of peer pressure, and when that pressure eases a little, they lose control and degenerate into schoolyard bullies. That doesn't mean their behaviour was the reason of their success - especially since they only start manifesting it after gaining power - rather than a personality flaw that makes them less effective.

Compare this article about the rampant use of cocaine in Silicon Valley. Is the cocaine abuse there the reason to Silicon Valley's success, or a symptom?

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by i kan reed (#47549989) Attached to: Stanford Team Creates Stable Lithium Anode Using Honeycomb Film

Let's be reasonable here. Everyone takes long trips sometimes. Now there's definitely an 80/20 problem, where that long trip 20% of miles becomes an inordinate source of range anxiety, and taking a half hour break every 3-4 hours isn't too much to ask I think.

Unfortunately, we have to convince people that it's a net positive for them, not that it's "not too much to ask". And it's not, unless you count the benefits from every other driver also going electric.

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We got the idea with the Hercules that you could resupply military fleets or save fuel with launch your cargo ship into the air if time became an issue(because of the war). It was misguided, but at least a reason for the amphibious design.

Why are they building giant amphibious cargo planes today? Who has that need?

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