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Comment: Re:Something Truly Innovative (Score 1) 162

by justthinkit (#48772127) Attached to: What are you most interested in seeing out of CES?
Money controls things, so those who focus on this will naturally be the most persistent.

But tombstones are also persistent. And landmines, Chernobyl and Fukishima. And of course Rick Astley.

So, there is more to life than just persistence.

Still, I happened to watch tonight an example of persistence from someone who is a true great in their field. Ian Anderson - Thick As A Brick, Live In Iceland. At age 67 he sounds identical to the 40-year-younger man I heard (in Stand Up) when I was a child. If he isn't the most innovative person in music, I'd like to hear some other nominations.

Back in the computing field, what about Steve Gibson? Spinrite was the greatest interface to a DOS program that I have ever seen. Especially consider how real-time and precise it had to be on the back end. Yet he is alive and well today with Shields Up, etc.

Comment: Re:"Big Brother" isn't just the government (Score 1) 130

by justthinkit (#48740567) Attached to: Writers Say They Feel Censored By Surveillance
When you put an overrated mod on a post, you don't have to assign a reason to what you are doing. "Overrated because I say so". It is a worse than pointless moderation. If it is a troll/flame, mark it as a troll/flame. If you just happen to not agree, you can reply but otherwise too bad for you.

My particular mod bomber(s) wait for a few days after I have posted, then fire off a couple of down mods. They figure, quite rightly, that most people have moved on, so there will be few who come along later to reverse their down-mods.

Hence my point about the need for all of us to meta-mod -- to moderate the moderators, and thus keep them honest.

Comment: Re:"Big Brother" isn't just the government (Score 1) 130

by justthinkit (#48740039) Attached to: Writers Say They Feel Censored By Surveillance

However, I have had someone get annoyed with me and use some kind of bot to mod down every single post that I made.

You are not alone. Shows the importance of meta-moderating... Also, Soylent is taking the route of getting rid of the overrated mod, a mod bomber favorite.

Comment: How? (Score 2) 272

by justthinkit (#48723063) Attached to: How Civilizations Can Spread Across a Galaxy

and fly it at 50x this speed using say fusion power

How does "fusion power" help it go 50 times faster?

Going fast is a mass problem -- you have to send a lot of mass out behind you to go really fast in space. Xenon propulsion using "just the sun" works pretty good at this sort of thing. Maybe you meant "fusion + a whole bunch of mass we can accelerate really fast and fire out our rocket butt?"

Comment: Re:How about mandatory felony sentences instead? (Score 1) 420

by justthinkit (#48684379) Attached to: Drunk Drivers in California May Get Mandated Interlock Devices
How about make bars (& liquor stores) responsible, period.

They pay their share of all costs -- lawyers, cops, DUI-testing vehicles, repairs, jacked-up insurance premiums, death benefits, emergency room visits, funeral costs.

Businesses would quickly get out of the booze/poison business. Life would be better. Full stop.

Are we running light with overbyte?