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Comment: DOS Box for sure (Score 1) 585

by justinmbarnes (#36174148) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: DOSBox, or DOS Box?
I had a 'idiot' moment about 8-9 years ago and trashed all my old IBM compatible stuff. I can honestly say that I've regretted it ever since. I had several different Tandy 1000 boards, a bunch of 486, 386, and a couple of 286 boards. I even trashed on old Packard Bell board that made up my first computer I ever put together myself. However, nostalgia isn't really the topic of this post I guess so enough of that. Yeah, perhaps it was a hassle dealing with hardware conflicts and the like but DOS VM's are no picnic in the park either. I had a painful moment about a year ago trying to get Win 3.1 VM going. It worked eventually but wow! I never had that much trouble with original hardware. I love virtualization but sometimes you can't beat the original. Dang, now I got the itch...gotta go check out old PC stuff on eBay...

+ - Why don't we buy sysadmin books anymore? -> 4

Submitted by Bandman
Bandman (86149) writes "Our needs for good information and documentation have not changed, but the way that we get it has. The ebook revolution has made physical shelves of sysadmin books endangered species. A bigger issue may be that even ebook sales of books related to system administration have not been selling. Somewhere along the line, people stopped buying things like "DNS and Bind" or "Sed & Awk".

Has our need for documentation changed, or just our sources of it?"

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