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Comment Re: In what way did that make any sense? (Score 1) 205

Not to forget that pretty much every native app that connects to the Internet loads up user data to company servers. Which makes the passive security arguments for native apps an uneducated suggestion.

It really just boils down to performance and integration. If you need a 3d engine then yes, go as native as possible. Even the "new features that aren't supported by the embedded browsers" argument looses ground since you can implement hybrid apps with native blobs in many cases. But as always in the industry you have to also make due with the talent you have got. If you or you team are objective c ninjas the you will implement an ios app or have to ditch the team.

Comment Re:Uh... (Score 3, Informative) 180

Which is something that people could do for a very long time with stuff like firefox.
Hell, in the last years (don't recall when exactly) firefox even made it a "framework", prism or what it is called, so you can create stand alone applications out of websites. You can even set rules about where the browser can go!

Am I missing something?

Comment Re:I do (Score 1) 19

First off, thanks for having these journal entries, very inspiring reads always.

Once the subject is on Brain Infrastructure and perception, relating to higher intelligence I would like to ask:
Leonard Susskind (A very smart theoretical physicist, one of the fathers of string theory) famously said that "We are all victims of our neural architecture." refering to the difficulty human beings have to natively visualize/comprehend higher dimensionality space (4+ dimensional space).

What circumstances would aid an alien organism to be aware of higher dimensioallities?


Comment Re:Pay what you want? Not quite. (Score 1) 103

No, not at all actually. People will ever only notice the big fat letters printed on the confirmation dialogue so as long that one is a decimal number you are sure that:
A) people will be warned of the amount they are preparing to donate
B) nerds will be reassured that their esoteric formula got actually accepted by the thick goggled accountant.

Also if you had any success in that sort of stuff you learn to double check with insane donations, because that is the smart money way anyway.

Comment Re:Pay what you want? Not quite. (Score 1) 103

IMO they should, as a nerd backed enterprise, have build at least a basic parser for simple formulas into the payment system. nothing fancy obviously you need to get a float to the payment op but doing some simple parsing and supporting predefined constants (pi,fi, e) can be easily done even from the frontend.

Comment Re:And how will this (Score 3, Insightful) 243

3.1. Announce it woldwide and start frenetically building extraction mines
3.2. Watch the prices of diamonds tumble while you build the extraction mines due to other providers making sellout contracts to insure buyers
3.3. Buy an shitload of diamonds at reduced price and demolish the extraction mines
4. sell the diamonds once prices get restored for a profit

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