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Comment What ever happened to Suspension of disbelief (Score 1) 275 275

It is a work of fiction and a movie. Meant for entertainment value. I enjoyed the movie, and thought it was a great experience. Those of you who don't want to see it, don't. But stop being a mindless drone (that you accuse others of being), by trashing something you have no experience of. Get a life!

Comment Re:How Exactly Does This Fight Spam? (Score 1) 287 287

I would guess that from a money standpoint, that Yahoo! probably gets the money and turns it over to the charity on a monthly or a quarterly (or even yearly) basis. Doing this allows them to use the money for a while, investing it and pocketing the interest.

Comment Re:I guess I should prepare for extinction then (Score 1) 422 422

You are right about this, but the article is referring to the consumer market, not the military and commercial one. There are a lot of reasons for and against dedicated GPS', but they were just trying to find a reason for their slumping sales, and they may have hit the nail on the head, there

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