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Comment: Re:you don't want their actions. (Score 1) 91

by ScentCone (#49511175) Attached to: D-Link Apologizes For Router Security

A complete disregard for the customers because there is ZERO penalty for producing a shitty product.

Do you purchase their products? Will you in the future? Will you be recommending their products to any people or businesses that you know? Will you be praising or condemning them in venues like this?

What penalty did you have mind beyond them losing sales?

Should we criminalize imperfect software? Let's see some of your code.

Comment: Re:Judicial rules? (Score 1) 160

Perhaps. I don't see their bailing out as the big thing, like it's a protest.

It's unseemly for jurists working for tue government to appear at a conference where a featured speaker is on the lam.

It says nothing about the issues being debated -- some may even privately support him, or at least Wikileaks.

It's like US supreme Court justices applauding at political statements by the president during the state of the union.

Comment: Re:Walking advertisements (Score 1) 59

by Impy the Impiuos Imp (#49510935) Attached to: New Nudge Technology Prods You To Take Action

You don't need water reminders for daily life, nor do you need a water bottle. Nor, for the most part, water.

You get more or less enough from your food alone. "You need to keep hydrated" is a fraud along the lines of valentine's day stuff -- a complete creation of companies.

Hehe. You pay twice what you pay for pop...for water.

Comment: Re:Interstate Water Sharing system (Score 1) 567

The Supreme Court has long ruled any federal plan to siphon from the Great Lakes requires the permission of the states on them, not to mention Canada by way of treaty.

I doubt they could do it without their permission, for that matter, as California is seen as a folly of its own making -- go let them hang. The Great Lake states vote, too, and are larger. May we assemble a multi billion dollar debt package payment for you, too? /sarcasm-this-is-about-as-likely-to-pass

Comment: Re:Fair Use (Score 1) 295

When I read the article it didn't seem like the normal excepts you find in a biography. The excerpts have been described as "extensive", and I think Random House could have went beyond Fair Use and into copyright violation.

Orthogonal to the copyright issue is that I don't understand why Goebbels has an estate to make a claim against Random House. It should never have been permitted to allow a convicted war criminal to pass property onto heirs or relatives and all of his property ought to have reverted to the state and have been sold at auction. So what the heck happened?

Comment: I guess if you write a biography (Score 1) 295

You should write it instead of cut and paste?

There is fair use, and there is lifting the work of another person. If this were an academic paper, I would be far more lenient. but this is a book written to sell a lot of books. The purpose is to make money here, and not letting publishers get a free ride is precisely why there are copyright laws.

Comment: Re:not in the usa (Score 1) 279

by kimvette (#49505639) Attached to: Norway Will Switch Off FM Radio In 2017

You're confusing HD Radio with satellite radio. Both are digital but HD Radio is free.

The problem with HD Radio is until now you haven't been able to get them in a vehicle, with no to very few models even offering it as an option, and only a couple of aftermarket head units with HD Radio receivers being available. That is only just now beginning to change, with some makes having made HD Radio standard, and others offering it as a premium option. Oh, and AV receivers - very few home AV receivers offer HD Radio as a band, so you need to buy a separate tuner component to receive it.

HD Radio has been a flop for the same reason as AM Stereo (which was actually quite good!); lack of receivers.

Comment: Re:Help me out here a little... (Score 2) 480

by Impy the Impiuos Imp (#49505403) Attached to: Utilities Battle Homeowners Over Solar Power

Keep in mind with no viable storage method, we are basically asking the utilities to keep the same number of power plants case of clouds...while getting a massive drop off in income.

What fraction of a bill currently is the plant and lines and personnel vs. coal or gas or oil?

Don't tell me how hard you work. Tell me how much you get done. -- James J. Ling