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Comment Idiots. (Score 5, Insightful) 192

"While many of these movies are popular, they are also widely available on cable and other subscription platforms at the same time as they are on Netflix and subject to the same drawn out licensing periods."

The reason we can be cord cutters is because we get netflix, so you're suggesting I go back to doing both? %#!# you. #@# you very much.

Comment Re:Fat Cats in the Countryside (Score 1) 196

Why? Why is it "even greater?" You really think getting people living in the middle of nowhere is one of the best places the government can spend our money? I don't.

Do you really want there to only be one lifestyle available in the country? Don't you want there to be infrastructure available in remote regions of the nation so that you can enjoy it if you should have to go there?

Actually, no, not really - people like me go out to the country to get away from it, not continue to be burdened by it. But the question is why is it a greater priority than other things? It's probably a great priority to you.

Unless it's a serious land yacht with cookie-cutter tires, you'd be getting absolutely robbed if all the road maintenance came from fuel taxes.

It's not - and that's part of the point (I'm not just being "greedy"). If you want to change the idea (especially with the advent of electric vehicles), it should be a factor of vehicle weight times miles. Of course, that doesn't count payload or how many miles a trailer might have been pulled - that's why I kept it as gas tax, because (before electrics) it was the easiest means to cover the cost. If you want to get down to the nitty gritty, you get overbearing government rules, a whole novel about how the tax structure works just for vehicles.

Comment Re:Small != Cheap (Score 1) 136

A pretty big chunk of the development cost is the software. And software doesn't have much of a physical size. Often the small sized devices tend to have more constraints that require more careful (expensive) software development to pare the software down.

On the hardware side, buying components that are small size, packing more onto a board (increasing the number of layers), designing an on board antenna instead of buying a third party, tends to increase costs until you can have enough volume to drive the costs back down.

Comment Re:Easy (Score 1) 663

1) Buy a nice house. 2) Buy a nice car to stick in the garage. 3) Pay off all bills and ex wife. 4) Continue downloading porn when not eating out from my penthouse. 5) Hide as much as legally possible from the mooching meme sensibility used by politicians to gain power. 6) Donate to them, playing their game of paying them to get back out of the way, which is why they got in the way to begin with, using aformentioned meme as hoi polloi fraudulent cover story.

Eventually) Die, and they take a huge chunk of it anyway, having taxed it all once already.

Comment Re:Fat Cats in the Countryside (Score 1) 196

Your tiny little view of the world from the pinprick through your blinders is pathetic and shortsighted. We had a program to extend POTS to rural customers because of the benefits to society. The benefits of extending the internet are even greater, but because you can't see any farther than the end of your nose, you're more concerned about your paltry share of this bit of cash than about far more egregious uses of your taxes... like bombing brown people for profit.

Why? Why is it "even greater?" You really think getting people living in the middle of nowhere is one of the best places the government can spend our money? I don't.

Now, if you want to complain that this money is probably just going right down a toilet, or that nobody should receive subsidies for installing some slow-ass third-world internet connections, I'm right there with you. But having lived in both the city and country, I don't see why you would even be worried about whether we spend some money to bring modern communications to all citizens, unless you're in favor of it.

Because despite the views of the slashdot demographic, not having high speed internet is not the end of the world.

We in the country have to subsidize your roads in the city, since we drive more miles and pay more gas taxes, but the damage is really done by heavy trucks. Why don't you complain about that? Insist that you city dwellers pay your fair share of road taxes? Naturally, you're only concerned when you think you might be overpaying, not when you're underpaying. You don't care about fairness, you only care about yourself.

Not true - I think transportation infrastructure should be paid for ONLY through gasoline taxes, which means those big trucks doing the most damage are paying the most for the use of the roads. Electic and hybrids have changed that dynamic, so I'm really not sure how to include them, but I've been saying the same about gasoline taxes for 30 years. And make no mistake - I probably drive a lot more than you (I'm at 200k with my 10 year old car, the average is supposedly around 12k/year, not 20k). Again, your CHOICE to live in the country is YOUR choice.

Comment $57 for Zaxxon, yikes! (Score 1) 61

$108,000 / 900 = $120 per cartridge

Assuming $40 price in 1982, after inflation, that is $98.92, so an "investor" would profit about $20 per. That doesn't account for shipping, and assuming his mom let him store them in the basement for free next to his bed.

Of course you could buy them for a dollar a pound soon after release.

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