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Submission + - Alberto Gonzales Resigns 1

necro81 writes: The NY Times is reporting this morning that embattled U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has resigned. Gonzales has increasingly been under attack by Congress for fishy business in the firing of several federal prosecutors and his involvement in the warrantless wiretapping program. According to the Times' source, Gonzales called the President to resign on Friday.

Submission + - T-Ray Sensor for Obscure Cosmic Radiation

eldavojohn writes: "Scientists are turning to one of the least explored ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum, T-Rays. T-Rays lie between microwaves and X-Rays and the name stands for Terahertz Radiation. From the article, "The sensor is especially suited to detect molecules in interstellar gas clouds, but also to detect trace gases in atmospheres in planets, including our own." The article mentions that the first use of it will be in our own atmosphere on a balloon slated for 2008."

Submission + - Judge rulest that IBM did not destroy evidence

UnknowingFool writes: "From the latest in the SCO saga, Judge Wells ruled today that IBM did not destroy evidence as SCO claims. During discovery, SCO claims it found an IBM executive memo that ordered its programmers to delete source code, and so it filed a motion to prevent IBM from destroying more evidence.

The actuality of the memo was less nefarious. An IBM executive wanted to ensure that the Linux developers were sandboxed from AIX/Dynix. So he ordered them to remove local copies of any AIX code from their workstations so that there would not be a hint of taint. The source code still existed in CVMC and was not touched.

Since the source code was still in CMVC, Judge Wells ruled IBM did not destroy it. Incredulously, SCO's Mark James requested that IBM tell SCO how to obtain the information. IBM's Todd Shaughnessy responded that all during discovery (when IBM gave SCO a server with their CMVC database) SCO never once said that they were unable to find that information from CMVC. Judge Wells asked IBM to help SCO out in any way he could. I'm guessing she probably said "pretty please" so that SCO does not have much to appeal."
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Journal Journal: Difficult to Duplicate Great Pyramids in Iowa?

Let's say I have a big ego, a really, really, really BIG ego. I want people to know about me for thousands of years. I want to make a tomb for myself that will really stand out. What can I build? How about a duplicate of the Great Pyramids at Giza? Except, I live in Illinois, so instead I'm going to build the Great Pyramids of Mundelein.

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Journal Journal: My Spaceflight Priorities

I had dreams when I was younger, of being involved in the space program. Of course, these extended to being an astronaut myself. Any kid could dream of that, it's glamourous, challenging, exciting, and has lots of 'gee whiz!' factors.

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Journal Journal: IWILL DK8N Motherboard question

I asked a question of the IWILL people, makers of the DK8N motherboard ( see ars technica for a nice description of it in their 'god box' how-to section).

Wondering what maximum speed of processor it will handle, currently and in the future.

If I buy it today, I can plug in the Opteron 250. What about when there's a 252, 254, even 260, say 2 or 3 years down the line?

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Journal Journal: Cultural Literacy Scholarship Grant

I thought once of what I'd do if I had a billion dollars.

Of course, this is a lot of money, and I might be able to have some real fun with it as well as doing some good.

The idea occurred to me to find a local junior high 7th grade class and announce the following:

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Journal Journal: Effects of Pandemic

I read an article on the possiblity of a SARS pandemic (epidemic of very large proportion). It was short and only kind of interesting; I wanted it to be longer and cover subjects like I've been considering...


Journal Journal: Photovoltaic prices & experience curves

I just read the Slashdot post about the integrated window glass / PV module. The photovoltaic plus window glass is a cool idea, but it is expensive. The price per square foot is $45, which generates 3.8 watts. This is $11.85 per watt. To be fair, the price includes the window itself, but I can't imagine that windows are that pricey!

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