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Comment: Re:Question (Score 1) 263

by just-a-stone (#27478985) Attached to: EU Data-Retention Laws Stricter Than Many People Realized
The EU law doesn't affect small companies or personal mail servers anyway.
At least Germany and Austria "implemented" (or in case of Austria: is about to implement) the law like this.

However, monitoring mail servers / smart hosts of the few bigger access and mail providers will cover most messages.

The bigger problem is the amount if data and its handling.

Comment: Ubuntu Download Speeds Beat Windows XP's (Score 1) 515

by just-a-stone (#26482483) Attached to: Ubuntu Download Speeds Beat Windows XP's
Ubuntu download:
Go to, follow the download link.
Time: ~10 Seconds.

Windows XP download:
Go to the torrent site of your choice, find still active tracker with some seeds or at least one distributed copy. Wait.... Wait...
Time: >>10 Seconds.

quod est demonstrandum.

oh... wait...

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