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Comment Comes with nice design requirements (Score 1) 375

I guess nobody read the requirements for that design to be feasible. It clearly states it needs a battery 1000x more powerful than the best available today. This means an energy density 20x that of gasoline.
Unobtainium hydride batteries to the rescue!

Comment Re:Same rules apply (Score 5, Insightful) 303

If the register malfunctions and the retailer stops the transaction, it's OK. If the register malfunctions and the retailer still makes the sale, that's the retailer's problem.

A sale is a contract which binds BOTH parties. And EULA's are subject to the law of the land, which says: if a contract is non-negociable, it has to be interpreted has widely as possible in favor of the party who did not draft it.

Comment Government consumer protection agencies (Score 4, Informative) 303

The Brick is known in Canada for deceptive business practices, so the consumer protection agencies have taken to the media to inform that customers do NOT have to give the money back.

The retailer advertised those prices, and tries to trick the customer into cancelling the sale to wiggle out of the sales. That's a tactic known as bait-and-switch, and it's illegal.

Comment Time to learn interoffice Judo (Score 1) 221

I assume your team is the developer pool for the company. If not, my comment is not usable.

Learn to use the forces piling onto you to achieve. If Bob in accounting is the client for whatever you are currently working on and Jim in sales asks for something, forward the request for pushing back Bob's feature to Bob. Then watch Bob and Jim wrestle on your behest.
Why does this work? Because people unconsciously know you are a finite resource. You are not tasked to choose what the company's priorities are, so let management choose the priority of each request.

Oh, and ALWAYS make an estimate of the work needed for development include the testing and some meetings. Meetings are like gravity: you can't escape them all the time.

Comment Re: Land of the free (Score 1) 457

I know of a system that did PKE right: Lotus Notes. There was a nice checkbox to make it sign every mail you sent, every user had a keypair, you could verify both sender and content with a click. You could even prohibit printing ou copying an individual email.
It is universally despised.

Comment Re:I'm really sick of this trend (Score 1) 165

I am not sure I encountered a TOS lately that does not incorporate this language. Even my cellular service has that!

Not that it could stand in court, mind you, but I am sure that I will only get dinged enough that I am not willing to pay a lawyer to make it right.

Comment Re:Seperate document in a contract??? (Score 1) 462

Luckily, there are many sane jurisdictions in the world where if an annex is not present at sign-up, it is not considered part of the contract, even if mentioned/refered to in it.

I even know a place where if a part of the contract is too difficult to read (ex.: low-contrast writing on the back of the paper, 6-point typeface, etc.) that part is null and void. An untested theory includes convoluted language in that rule.

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