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+ - Ask Slashdot - Multilayer cryptography->

Submitted by jupiter126
jupiter126 (2471462) writes "Not knowing which vendors/protocols have been compromised, I figured that my best option was to set a few layers of them.
I thus started to throw together a bash script, that would use many different algorithms and vendors to crypt a file.
What became interesting is that while encrypting, the script generates a decryption script as a key — rather than a monotonous key.
I dug a bit further, and put this bash code together, I'd love to have some feedback on the concept and it's implementation!
Thanks ;)"

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+ - Linux K90 - Custom Input Support->

Submitted by
jupiter126 writes "After 10 years of intensive use, I decided to get a new keyboard. I choose one of those fancy multimedia keyboard (Corsair k90), in order to have plenty of keys to play with.
I had a 'nice' surprise when upon connecting, I discovered that almost none of the extra keys where supported by xorg (linux). Anyway, smart people check for compatibility before buying, and real man assume their impulsive buying afterwards.
So here we are, one week later, I came up with a little bash script that allows the proper use of the keyboard.
The interesting bit is that this script should be able to handle many more types of keyboards, wiimotes and custom inputs with quite minor adaptations.
The code is open source of course... I hope it helps some :)"

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+ - Quick Overview of the situation with SOPA-PIPA-Had->

Submitted by jupiter126
jupiter126 (2471462) writes "Since a few days, we know that SOPA and PIPA have been postponed, unfortunately this is only a temporary victory since ACTA is reappearing in Europe and C-11 in Canada: the fight is not over. How can such controversial law propositions manage to get such a political rebound?A major reason is that big companies’ lobbies (mostly the MPAA and RIAA) regrouped against an ennemy common to all economic sectors: counterfeiting.

Copyright, Patent, Trademark protection,... the lobbies have associated all counterfeiting problems in order to gather companies as various and important as Nike, Burberry, Electronics Arts, Time Warner,... and many other. A more complete list of SOPA supporters can be found here.

This reasoning is fallacious from the start because it makes no difference between digital and non-digital products:..."

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