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Submission + - Most evil software patent?

junglebeast writes: 1) Highlighting search results (Google, No. 6839702)
2) Multiple-choice questionnaires (Microsoft, appl. 20100311031)
3) Use GPU to process video (Microsoft, No. 7558428)
4) Mouse-over images (Abelow, US. 5,251,294)
5) Generic user interface with icons (Henderson, US. 5,072,412 )
6) Shut down button (Microsoft, US. 7,788,474)
7) Point-to-point internet connection (Hutton, US. 6,108,704 )
8) Using a computer to do anything at all (Microsoft, No. 666 )

Submission + - Arrr ye a pirate, matey? 2

junglebeast writes: a) I have never in my life downloaded any pirated media or software
b) I have downloaded pirated media and or software, but not frequently
c) I routinely download pirated material and have never been caught
d) I routinely download pirated material, and have received letters asking me to stop from copyright holders and/or ISP

Submission + - Deleted facebook wall posts return to haunt 3

junglebeast writes: If you're using the internet these days, you probably use facebook. You probably have some wall posts that not everyone needs to see that you deleted, and you probably thought that, having deleted them, nobody would be able to see them anymore. At least, this is what I thought. But when I checked my facebook page today, all of the wall posts I had previously deleted were there again. After refreshing and revisiting the page, they disappeared back into the void...but then when I came back again to check, they had all been resurrected and they seem to be back for good. All of those who have questionable content which they deleted from their walls should take this as a warning.

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