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Journal Journal: This is why I don't donate to general democratic funds.

I mostly vote for democratic candidates and when I donate money to candidates I mostly donate to democratic party members. But I never donate to general campaign funds because those funds can be divvied up and used to help jackasses like Joe Lieberman and John Dingell get reelected. Today I would like to highlight a couple more reasons why I do not donate to general funds:

Blanche Lincoln, Senator Democrat from Arkansas:
In these tough economic times when rich people are scraping to get by and Blanche feels their pain. To help them she wants to cut estate taxes for super rich, the top 1%.

North Dakota Senator Kent Conrad is a fucking jackass: First, he opposed a provision to limit tax deductions for high-income earners. Second, he opposed a new cap on crop subsidies to farmers who take in more than $500,000 per year. And, third, he upbraided Obama for not doing more to reduce the budget deficit.

*I would be more likely to donate to green candidate general funds, but greens are not often competitive at the national level due to our undemocratic outdated election laws(electoral college, gerrymandered districts, Simple majority voting).

Journal Journal: What to buy on eMusic? 3

My new wireless router came with a coupon for 50 free downloads from eMusic. Is there a particular strength that store has? It seems like mostly the usual unfiltered jumble of unknowns, with no good way to see what gems others have found and Todd Snider is the only one I know at all, with shovelware albums from some bigger-name artists mixed in.

Any suggestions for an artist or genre I could try out, or a better way to browse? The site also has a lot of scripting that my Firefox doesn't like.


Journal Journal: Bailout bill, Rosh Hashana 2

I'm not qualified to have an informed opinion on the bailout bill, and I certainly understand the skepticism and hostility towards it. But I get the feeling that this was a huge missed opportunity to avoid disaster...

Anyway, Shanah Tovah to all Jewish readers!

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Journal Journal: Williamses versus Mannings

I'm still not entirely sure what that commercial is selling (Oreos, right?) but I wonder if I'm not the only person who watched it and thought "The four of them of them totally ought to date!" They seem like they'd hit it off, actually, and it might be the only way the Brady-Bundchen/Monahan kids will get any serious competition.

Journal Journal: A Python window manager

Remember when there used to be those window managers whose big selling point was that you could do things to them in LISP, back when people still cared vehemently about window managers. We now have qtile which now allows the same thing in Python. I'll give it a try to see why anyone would want that, which I never understood for the LISP browsers.

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