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Input Devices

Epic Sticking With Classic Controllers For Now 64

Cliff Bleszinski, design director for Epic Games, said in an interview with Develop that while motion control schemes like Project Natal look interesting, Epic will probably be sticking with classic controllers "for the foreseeable future." He said, "Microsoft came down a few weeks before E3 and gave us a demo, and they're now shipping out the dev kits; I think it's great. When you start combining the motion-capture, the facial recognition, and the vocal recognition you can create some unique experiences. And of course more accessibility is always a good thing. When you build an interface like that though you need to [specifically] design a game for it. It can't just be tacked on."

Comment Re:Indeed (Score 1) 724

Personally, I could care less about how much it costs as long as it is reliable, functional, and stays that way... I could never say that about windows xp/vista...

I could, and can and do. 100% reliability and functional, and it stays that way. To each their own, and fortunately, we're all past the high school mentality of letting objects define our personalities and identities, which is another thing we could less about it, at least with the people I work with and collaborate with on video, web, and print projects which feature a mix of platforms from OS X to Windows to Linux to Unix. It's the people that count. If they get the job done who cares how they do it (ethically at least) and what they prefer to do it with. The end result is what counts and we're all individuals with different preferences and work methodologies.

It's also quite obvious that experience differs rather considerably when it comes to hardware/software reliability. Illustrator crashed on me once. I hear it can crash on the Mac too. But I'm sure it's never crashed for others.

Platformism. Who needs it?

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