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Comment Micro means ignore the whiny fools (Score 1) 119

I have an older friend who was a refugee in WWII. She was staffed by the Luftwaffe at one point and had to flee the Soviets later on. When she came to the U.S. after the war, one of the jobs she had was dealing with jerks on the phone in an office in NY city.

Someone asked her how she could stay so calm on the job. She told them that the assholes on the phone were NOTHING, she had been attacked by professionals.

Comment Re:I Can't Figure Out (Score 2) 287

But most medicine is bullshit as well. Not that there aren't great and useful live saving medications, but so much crap is prescribed in the U.S. at least, essentially by the drug reps.

I know a pharmaceutical rep. Man, the stories he tells about getting doctors to prescribe crap based on at least as much bullshit as homeopathy.

Push, push, push a high profit drug. Don't actually practice medicine just push the drugs that make money.

Comment Re:Liberals (Score 3, Insightful) 585

Please stop writing. Everyone who read your post is a little dumber now.

All the libertarians that I know merely want to reduce the role and power of government over the lives of citizens. Reduce, not eliminate entirely.

My mind continues to be boggled by the assertion that a government that doesn't forcibly transfer goods and services from one citizen to another "shits on people who don't have money". That's the same inane argument that the government not paying for peoples abortions is the same as outlawing abortions. Stupid, stupid stupid.

For sure, elements of society want to eliminate a woman's right to make that choice but a government that doesn't take money from woman A against her will to pay for woman B's abortion is NOT shitting on woman B.

I will never understand the concept that a vast government bureaucracy is more compassionate and wise than the individuals of a free society who still have the ability and responsibility to make choices in their own lives.

Comment You're missing the point (Score 1, Interesting) 73

Most posts so far have obsessed on the "how" and ignored the "what".

People have commented on the pros and cons of bio metrics, etc. The real story here is the governments elimination of private transactions between individuals. To prevent crime, to beat the terrorists, for the CHILDREN!

Know your customer

The whole point is the furtherance of the totalitarian state. For our own good.

Naw, that's just crazy talk! Warrantless access to email, browser histories, no private financial transactions, phone metadata collection, etc., etc., etc. These things are needed for FREEDOM!! Next you'll be warning about concentration camps! That would NEVER happen in the U.S.!!!

Comment Re:A remarkable number of people are idiots (Score 1) 367

It's probably impossible to design a system that couldn't be manipulated once you start disenfranchising people. Who gets to define the relevant "knowledge"? How do we measure " intelligence"?

I propose the MacDonalds test. If someone is too stupid to be able to quickly order something in a drive thru, they're too stupid to be allowed to vote. Seriously, every system can be abused but encouraging stupid, uninformed people to vote promotes the worst in democracy.

Which of course is the whole point concerning things such as mandatory voting, automatic voter registration, not showing an ID at the polls, etc. If someone is too lazy to make even a small effort to vote, they shouldn't.

Comment Re:What about the rights of those injured by firea (Score 2, Insightful) 1165

This has become a regular event in America. We can lay a lot of responsibility for this at the feet of the terrorist NRA and the corrupt legislators they pay off, with both these latter groups little more a bunch of bootlickers to the gun manufacturers. There are more than 300 MILLION guns in this crazy nation - so many that *anyone* who wants to get a gun can get one, one way or another.

You say that Americans having lots of guns like it's bad thing.

300 million guns in civilian hands and gun deaths have steadily dropping for the past 20 years or so. The obvious correlation is that more guns means FEWER gun deaths.

Go check your meds, you may have forgotten a couple.

Comment Does it really matter to the air? (Score 3, Interesting) 618

I haven't found out if the normal driving emissions are actually"bad" or just fall foul of U.S. automaker protectionist lobbying.

No flame here, just wondering. In my travels to Europe I haven't found them to be any worse pollution wise than American cities. Are these cars really that bad physically or are we talking goofy government crap?

Just asking.

Comment Re:Colleges are not for education (Score 1, Insightful) 274

Double quote warning.

Why should anything be "free"? Acknowledging that the education industry in America is screwed up isn't the same as saying stuff should be "free". Someone has to provide the "free" services you want, "free' healthcare, "free" education, etc. By "free" you mean that YOU shouldn't have to pay for the stuff you want, someone else should be forced to.

Comment Re:Sit down, shut up, and do your work... until... (Score 1) 165

There's nothing magical or that difficult about paying your own benefits!! Medical is easy, just get a high deductible policy (and many of them since obama care came out are this way) of about $1200 deductible, you can also set up a HSA (Health Savings Account) and sock away about $3K annually pre-tax....for your routine meds and co-pays, etc.

Bullshit. The cheapest high deductible ObamaCrap policy that my wife and I (both contractors) can get in MN has a $13,000 out of pocket and costs us $8000 a year. For insurance we don't use.

Yeah, it's easy but it ain't cheap. All we want is a catastrophic policy, but we are forced to buy a POS that don't need in order to grease the pockets of Obama's campaign contributors. And this crap is going up approximately 50% in 2016. We'll probably drop the crap and just pay the fine. We'll save a lot of money. "But you might need that hideously expensive insurance some day". Perhaps, but if we were allowed to just buy a classic high deductible catastrophic policy, we'd be fine. But we can't. If we buy a catastrophic policy, the fucking ACA won't let us contribute to our HSA and we still get fined for not having ObamaCrap. AND on top of that, the fucking law only allows you buy one for 90 fucking days anyway! Bastards.

Comment Re: Hooray! (Score 1) 225

This is a basic tenet of the Church of the Invisible Hand. There's no problem that can't be solved by destroying nature and replacing it dollar-generating industries.

The basic tenet of the Church of the Totalitarian State is that there is no problem that can't be solved by just raising taxes and adding laws. Generally, "destroying nature" and the like can only be accomplished by a corrupt state supporting the big corporations, i.e., campaign donors. Even a corrupt state isn't too big a problem until it grows large. Even the Grant Administration had a limited short term effect because the size and scope of government was vastly smaller. The true Invisible Hand is rarely allowed to operate. Compare that to today where the government can simply force everyone to buy the products of the giant corporations that paid them off.

Comment Re:ridiculous question (Score 1) 142

Why? you can already be denied employment for any reason in right to work states and importantly fired for any reason or not...

You say that like it's bad thing.

My entire working life (44 years and counting) has been in either a right to work state or in a non-union field. I have never had sympathy for the "I'm owed a job, whether the employer want's me or not!" whine.

I've worked for a number of employers who didn't have the sense to see my value. In some cases, I was let go for no discernible reason or I walked away and looked for a better job. I wouldn't have it any other way. I don't want to work for someone who doesn't want me around in the same way I damn sure don't want to be forced to work somewhere I hate. I might not like a job, but I have enough sense to appreciate it while I look for another gig.

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