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Comment Re:Trump just says stuff (Score 1) 875

I definitely lean left and I think it would really say something about this country if Trump were to win, but I also know that even if he does, nothing will change. It will just be the same thing we have now (with slightly more comedy perhaps).... but nothing will really change...

I mean, think about the biggest thing Obama "rammed" through during his presidency... Obamacare... and now tell me how your life is now ruined because of it...

Ruined? No, but made worse. In what way?

1. Strengthening the horrible precedent of allowing corporations bribing the government to force the purchase of their products.

2. Further screwing up American healthcare. Everything is geared towards forcing healthcare providers into giant insurance controlled monoliths. "You can keep your doctor" forced my doctor out of business. He had the option of keeping a single practice that was discriminated against by insurance companies, meaning that he was paid a lot less for exactly the same services or joining a giant hospital organization that would guarantee him a great income if he stopped actually practicing medicine and became an insurance industry/big pharma drone.

3. My family insurance costs skyrocketed for crap that makes me pay the first $24,000 a year out of pocket. We don't use insurance. We're healthy. All I want is a catastrophic policy but I can't get one because I'm not under 30.

Comment Re:State doing the CYA thing (Score 1) 261

However, as in the words of the Pledge to the Flag: "One Nation, under God, with Freedom and Justice for the rich . . .

However, as in the words of the Pledge to the Flag: "One Nation, under God, with Freedom and Mercy for the rich . . .

Fixed it for you. Justice would be great. I'm all for justice for the rich.

Comment Re: Screw Em (Score 1) 267

Personally tho. I'm tired of seeing MY TAX MONEY end up going to israel every year. (4 billion this year.) I don't care if we get most of it back when they buy our weapons. It's a giant wasteful corporate handout. And we're not gaining anything useful from the charade.

I agree. especially since "we" don't get it back. Defense contractors get it. So really it's just laundered money for corporate welfare.

Defense contractors get *some* of it. I wonder how much flows back as campaign contributions? Both funneled through the defense industry and directly as bribes to congress and presidents.

Comment Re:Dear Barbara (Score 1) 474

Who's paying for the welfare programs that BI completely replaces? There's your answer.

In many countries, our children and grandchildren and their children and grandchildren forever and ever, are being asked to pay for the welfare programs. In the US, it's all just "borrowed". No intention to ever pay for it. Hoping it will all just go away some day.

Comment Re:Democrats are authoritarians (Score 0) 556

Please cite a situation, which was not caused by legislation, that has been permanently improved by legislation and where the unintended consequences have not made the situation worse overall..

Well, I certainly enjoy living in a society where people can't legally grab me on the street and steal my wallet.

Says you. What about this sort of thing? Asset forfeiture

Comment Re:You exerable c-word (Score 2) 556

The path towards a police state justified by terrorism and the always reliable pedophilia. What surprises me most about this miserable waste of skin is that she's from supposed progressive California.

This is the EXACT definition of "progressive". More and more powerful government. In every area of *citizens* lives. Literally the only freedom that progressives acknowledge is abortion. Nothing else. I'm all for a woman's right to make that choice, but damn, it's not the be all and end all of liberty.

Comment She knows exactly what she wants, however (Score 2) 556

She, like just about every Democrat politician (and most Republican ones too) wants to be high up in a totalitarian police state. No real mystery here.

Don't get all caught up and just focus on her stupid statements. Focus on the real issue: A never ending struggle to screw you and me. And our kids. Forever and ever.

Comment Re:The painful truth about freelancing (Score 2) 160

I've freelanced on and off for over thirty years. I'm 62 and no degree and I'm currently making around $170,000 a year. Not as much as I'd like, but I'm getting by.

What are you whining about? Make yourself marketable or go away. I have learned whatever I needed over the years to to make myself desirable to clients. New languages, etc., whatever it takes.

Now as a member of the bewildered elderly, I simply told my current client I'd do whatever they need. No whining to be working only with the latest tech, no complaining about maintenance instead of new development (I'm doing both at the moment), just agreeing to make their life easier in return for a decent rate.

Clients (and employers) are very happy to get someone with serious skills and experience who'll just shut up and work. I have seen many, many younger "developers" who couldn't design a relational database properly if it meant the firing squad. Who think that a couple of years coding meant they deserved to be rich right now. Prima donnas who flock to the "latest" hot language without being able to do fundamental problem analysis.

Aww, get off my lawn.

Comment Micro means ignore the whiny fools (Score 1) 119

I have an older friend who was a refugee in WWII. She was staffed by the Luftwaffe at one point and had to flee the Soviets later on. When she came to the U.S. after the war, one of the jobs she had was dealing with jerks on the phone in an office in NY city.

Someone asked her how she could stay so calm on the job. She told them that the assholes on the phone were NOTHING, she had been attacked by professionals.

Comment Re:I Can't Figure Out (Score 2) 287

But most medicine is bullshit as well. Not that there aren't great and useful live saving medications, but so much crap is prescribed in the U.S. at least, essentially by the drug reps.

I know a pharmaceutical rep. Man, the stories he tells about getting doctors to prescribe crap based on at least as much bullshit as homeopathy.

Push, push, push a high profit drug. Don't actually practice medicine just push the drugs that make money.

Comment Re:Liberals (Score 3, Insightful) 585

Please stop writing. Everyone who read your post is a little dumber now.

All the libertarians that I know merely want to reduce the role and power of government over the lives of citizens. Reduce, not eliminate entirely.

My mind continues to be boggled by the assertion that a government that doesn't forcibly transfer goods and services from one citizen to another "shits on people who don't have money". That's the same inane argument that the government not paying for peoples abortions is the same as outlawing abortions. Stupid, stupid stupid.

For sure, elements of society want to eliminate a woman's right to make that choice but a government that doesn't take money from woman A against her will to pay for woman B's abortion is NOT shitting on woman B.

I will never understand the concept that a vast government bureaucracy is more compassionate and wise than the individuals of a free society who still have the ability and responsibility to make choices in their own lives.

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