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Comment Re:Colleges are not for education (Score 1, Insightful) 274

Double quote warning.

Why should anything be "free"? Acknowledging that the education industry in America is screwed up isn't the same as saying stuff should be "free". Someone has to provide the "free" services you want, "free' healthcare, "free" education, etc. By "free" you mean that YOU shouldn't have to pay for the stuff you want, someone else should be forced to.

Comment Re:Sit down, shut up, and do your work... until... (Score 1) 165

There's nothing magical or that difficult about paying your own benefits!! Medical is easy, just get a high deductible policy (and many of them since obama care came out are this way) of about $1200 deductible, you can also set up a HSA (Health Savings Account) and sock away about $3K annually pre-tax....for your routine meds and co-pays, etc.

Bullshit. The cheapest high deductible ObamaCrap policy that my wife and I (both contractors) can get in MN has a $13,000 out of pocket and costs us $8000 a year. For insurance we don't use.

Yeah, it's easy but it ain't cheap. All we want is a catastrophic policy, but we are forced to buy a POS that don't need in order to grease the pockets of Obama's campaign contributors. And this crap is going up approximately 50% in 2016. We'll probably drop the crap and just pay the fine. We'll save a lot of money. "But you might need that hideously expensive insurance some day". Perhaps, but if we were allowed to just buy a classic high deductible catastrophic policy, we'd be fine. But we can't. If we buy a catastrophic policy, the fucking ACA won't let us contribute to our HSA and we still get fined for not having ObamaCrap. AND on top of that, the fucking law only allows you buy one for 90 fucking days anyway! Bastards.

Comment Re: Hooray! (Score 1) 225

This is a basic tenet of the Church of the Invisible Hand. There's no problem that can't be solved by destroying nature and replacing it dollar-generating industries.

The basic tenet of the Church of the Totalitarian State is that there is no problem that can't be solved by just raising taxes and adding laws. Generally, "destroying nature" and the like can only be accomplished by a corrupt state supporting the big corporations, i.e., campaign donors. Even a corrupt state isn't too big a problem until it grows large. Even the Grant Administration had a limited short term effect because the size and scope of government was vastly smaller. The true Invisible Hand is rarely allowed to operate. Compare that to today where the government can simply force everyone to buy the products of the giant corporations that paid them off.

Comment Re:ridiculous question (Score 1) 142

Why? you can already be denied employment for any reason in right to work states and importantly fired for any reason or not...

You say that like it's bad thing.

My entire working life (44 years and counting) has been in either a right to work state or in a non-union field. I have never had sympathy for the "I'm owed a job, whether the employer want's me or not!" whine.

I've worked for a number of employers who didn't have the sense to see my value. In some cases, I was let go for no discernible reason or I walked away and looked for a better job. I wouldn't have it any other way. I don't want to work for someone who doesn't want me around in the same way I damn sure don't want to be forced to work somewhere I hate. I might not like a job, but I have enough sense to appreciate it while I look for another gig.

Comment Re:You want a Nanny State, Socialism, Big Governme (Score 1) 226

This has NOTHING at all to do with socialism, and everything to do with corporate welfare and stacking the deck for them.

Sorry, but arguing about the difference between socialism and fascism is like arguing about the difference between Sprite and 7-Up. You may well have a preference, but both are terrible for you.

Obama executed a nearly textbook example of Socialism with the takeover of GM. He fired the CEO, allocated resources directly to "Green" cars, etc. The government controlled a means of production.

He executed an almost perfect example of Fascism in the ACA that put the coercive power of government behind huge corporations so they can dictate behavior and spending requirements to citizens.

So, are he and his cronies Socialist or Fascist? Does it really matter? We're fucked either way.

Comment Re:Social mobility was killed, but not this way (Score 1) 1032

You're a kid when you enter college, but an adult when you enter grad school and should accept that responsibility.

No, if someone is legally considered an adult, has the right to vote etc., he's an adult. An adult makes decisions and is responsible for those decisions.

If we want to say 18 isn't an adult, fine. No drinking, voting or ability to sign a contract. Only children want both ways.

Comment Re:What? (Score 2) 121

The Nazis, on the other hand, are held as the embodiment of evil, almost unanimously.

Because the Communists won the PR war. Literally. When Stalin decided to denounce someone he called them Fascist.

It boggles the mind that any former Communist, an ideology that killed over 60 million people can be accepted just fine today and any former Nazi is forever considered the worst creature to have walked the Earth.

This is not to cry over some perceived unfairness to the Nazi, but rather to stand astounded that all Communists aren't being rounded up today with the same fervor. You claim to want justice for totalitarian perpetrators of genocide? Great, just don't pick and choose.

Comment Re:You're dying off (Score 3, Insightful) 287

You're an idiot. People over 50 are too old to buy cars!? Look at who has the money, in the U.S. at least. "Old people" who have far more money as a demographic than younger people.

I'm in my 60's, no college debt, no house payment, making money hand over fist as an IT consultant. Who the fuck do you think the car companies drool over? Some young demographic with a bleak future or me?


Comment Re:ADA? (Score 1) 267

I have a friend who retired in his sixties and was then lured back into the work force by contractor rates he simply couldn't walk away from. Some companies had to have an experienced COBOL programmer no matter what it cost.

Still cheaper for a few years than "Let's quickly re-write the mission critical application in xyz++" Yeah, it was going to be re-written at some point, but keeping the beast running until then was not optional.

Comment Re:Doublethink (Score 2) 686

Since we are listing age here... I'm 61 and I'm FAR more afraid of my own government than terrorists or other nations. I do believe we need intelligence services, a strong military, etc., but not at the cost of establishing a totalitarian police state in the U.S.

Oops! Too late, I suppose that boat has already sailed. A secure country doesn't need to be a police state. That's a fact.

Comment Re:This happens about... (Score 1) 131

I've also been writing software for 30+ years. Before that I was in construction. Many, many similarities between the two professions.

Short story: I took a construction management class many years ago. Knew most of it, but the real take away for me was change control. The presenter made the case that EVERY change must be charged for. Even changes that reduced the scope of the project. Sure, calculate the savings based on the estimate, but don't just stop there. Every change requires at least some time and effort. You must charge for that. If not, even tiny changes will eat away the profit.

Comment Re:No (Score 2) 365

A social/environmental collapse would still leave a MASSIVE amount of usable stuff just laying around. A single skyscraper would be a fantastic resource mine. Even a fairly large war doesn't make the insulated copper wiring suddenly vanish from buildings. You'd have to dig it out, but that's a very low tech activity.

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