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Comment: Re:Asimov was right (Score 1) 112

by judoguy (#49327149) Attached to: Bring On the Boring Robots
"We" aren't moving that way at all. You might be, but I'm not. I don't live on FacePalm or anything like that. I use a phone to talk to my kids on the other side of the country, but that maintains human relationships. I teach and compete in judo. Choking someone works a lot better in person. "We" all make our choices. Afraid of talking to people? Hide in the basement. Or simply live in the real world.

Comment: Re:Not so much (Score 3, Interesting) 54

by judoguy (#49229087) Attached to: Sugar Industry Shaped NIH Agenda On Dental Research

Yeah, except, uh, brushing your teeth won't prevent lung cancer.

There is a sugar/cancer tie in though. The insulin spike from sugar consumption promotes tumor growth. Not that the sugar itself is carcinogenic, but the subsequent insulin flooding exacerbates the cancer. I've known people with advanced cancer whose doctors told them this, they wen't completely off carbs and tumor growth slowed significantly.

Comment: Re:We Need A New FDA Warning Label (Score 1) 180

by judoguy (#49029735) Attached to: US Gov't To Withdraw Food Warnings About Dietary Cholesterol
The science is very clear on this and has been for a long time.

The problem is that "nutritionists" pay no attention to the actual science. "We don't need no steekin science! We KNOW that dietary fat and cholesterol are bad for you!"

The real science has been known for many years, all the way down to the eicosanoid hormone level. Endocrinologists know this stuff. General practice M.D.s don't. They just parrot the Statin salesmen.

Comment: Re:Side effects may include death (Score 2) 201

by judoguy (#48980235) Attached to: Testosterone Increasingly Being Used To Fight Aging In Men

Not enough yet to say it's as clearly a bad idea as female HRT, but for sure it isn't something men should run out and do without a careful and personalized discussion with a knowledgeable (actual) doctor.

Even endocrinologists, unfortunately, are not immune to cant and insurance industry pressure.

Too many of them just run insurance driven diabetes shops and ignore actual science in adherence to "conventional practice", i.e., not what works, but what is defensible in court.

Comment: Re:Paradox (Score 3) 200

Community colleges are not equipped to train people for high-paying coding jobs. They can teach you the basics, sure, but any kind of advanced programming skill comes from interning, mentorship and/or *gasp* actually sitting home and coding, coding, coding. All night, non-stop, my-brain-is-a-compiler-now coding. Most people aren't fit for that, and it's not a crime to point that out.

I have no degrees of any kind. No community college, not even high school. I started by teaching myself programming 30+ years ago. Found that even with the dumb ass mistakes I was making, I provided as much, and often more value to my employers as the CIS grads we hired.

When I started, I had some real life experience with accounting, working with people, making payroll for my own construction business. Stuff not generally part of any programming degree. As the years went by, I looked for training where I could find it like online courses.

I make 150k+ a year as a consultant. Nothing at all with formal education (if it's real and useful) but after 30 years in the industry, watching people come and go, by FAR the most important thing is aptitude and nerdiness. And by nerdiness, I mean exactly what you're talking about. Actually being interested in goofy shit like algorithm optimization, ferreting out OS API secrets, etc., just for their own sake, apart from the business need of the moment.

Comment: Re:islam (Score 1) 1350

by judoguy (#48757579) Attached to: Gunmen Kill 12, Wound 7 At French Magazine HQ
Marxism IS a religion. It's just doesn't have a spiritual component.

Priests(Marxist theoreticians), crusades, Inquisitions, enforced fervor, punishment for non-belief, holy books written by the founders(Marx & Engels), revered founders expressing revealed truth, etc.

Did I mention the part where many, many millions have been killed in trying to produce the true believer?

Sounds like a religion to me.

Comment: Re:islam (Score 1) 1350

by judoguy (#48757521) Attached to: Gunmen Kill 12, Wound 7 At French Magazine HQ

Name one Islamic Nation where Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Atheists or anyone else is actually FREE to practice their religion (or lack thereof).

Singapore and Malaysia to name two. You can have about any religion quite publicly as long as you don't try to convert Muslims.

Not an ideal situation perhaps, but you openly practice non-Muslim religions in those countries.

Comment: Re:Dupe (Score 1) 840

No kidding. When I had a '46 Dodge panel van, I once replaced a broken piston by pulling the oil pan and rotating the crankshaft enough to pull the piston out and replace it. Part of that was simply clearances but it's an example. I once replaced the slant 6 engine in a '72 van by myself in a parking space over a weekend.

I couldn't replace the spark plugs in my Expedition. I probably could given enough time and some specialized tools, but damn, what an ordeal it promised to be. On the other hand, I've done a boatload of residential wiring from knob and tube to modern. Almost all household electrical should be easy for anyone to do with a little reading. Most modern plumbing is also a lot easier than the old stuff.

Comment: Re:How about ignoring it? (Score 1) 484

by judoguy (#48634767) Attached to: Colorado Sued By Neighboring States Over Legal Pot
It's a Bad Idea to have cops/building inspectors/government functionary decide who to screw whenever they feel like it. Far better to just have fewer stupid laws. I know, there are always boundary situations, but fewer stupid laws is the best route to take.

What we have now is a situation where so many things are illegal no one can keep up. Then TPTB can simply prosecute the desired subgroup and leave their supporters/funders alone. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Comment: Re: Simple answer... (Score 2) 484

by judoguy (#48634431) Attached to: Colorado Sued By Neighboring States Over Legal Pot

I'm not against allowing adults to shoot, snort, sniff, smoke, drink or otherwise wallow in whatever they can want BUT...

Coming from a state where moonshine has been a long time pasttime, I can tell you that if push comes to shove, you'd rather deal with the DEA than the BATF.

Not just flaming here, but remember Waco? That whole thing was initiated over alleged tax issues. That's really what the permits are in the end. Tax issues. Don't forget that the BATF is the enforcement arm of Treasury. They don't fuck around.

Comment: Re:first responder call... (Score 1) 55

by judoguy (#48421535) Attached to: Martin Jetpack Closer To Takeoff In First Responder Applications
No joke, unfortunately. A buddy of mine used to manage an air ambulance service for a large hospital. Mostly went alright, but every now and then the copter would go down. They flew at night sometimes, in mountainous terrain sometimes and in all kinds of weather. It was all too easy to hit a ridge or tower. Don't have to hit 'em hard either. A little unexpected nick of a tower or tree limb snag can be catastrophic.

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