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+ - How do I crack IPTV encryption?-> 1

Submitted by judhaz
judhaz (1088917) writes "I've used MythTV (http://www.mythtv.org/) for several years, with great success, even with HD content through DVB-C (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DVB-C) and a digital capture card. Now, the housing cooperative has decided to move to fiber-optics and IPTV (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iptv). Great for fast Internet, but a huge drawback when it comes to TV as the stream is encrypted. And I cannot choose another cable company as I am not allowed to put up a dish or external antenna, and the other cable companies are no longer providing signals to us (I have asked them).

Obviously, I am pretty darn unhappy not being able to use my multimedia center any more. Although there is support for IPTV in MythTV, my provider is encrypting every single channel with some proprietary encryption, and probably pairing to the STB. The key must be inside the box, as there is no smart card involved. The box is a Motorola VIP1960, running Busybox (http://busybox.net/) which is GPL, but since I am only renting the box, I have not received any license text, and have no ssh/telnet access to the box.

That doesn't stop me from wanting to crack this encryption, and somehow provide decrypted IPTV to my MythTV box. Legally, I am at my full right to do this in my country (Norway, you may remember Jon Lech Johansen aka DVD-Jon (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dvd-jon)). But before I start fumble around with tcpdump and other tools I am not very familiar with, I thought I'd ask here at /., as I assume that either a) someone will convince me it is impossible, b) someone have already done something similar, and can provide some details, where to start etc. or c) a fruitful discussion will eventually crack the DRM encumbered IPTV!"

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