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Comment Re:People limited to 10 GB/mo (Score 1) 158

You realize that not everyone can be so picky about their location, right? Maybe they bought their house back in the olden times like 1993 when there was no such thing as broadband. You can hardly expect people to anticipate technological changes 10-20 years down the road.

Comment Re:So it's not unlimited, then... (Score 2) 265

They can't even claim that the usage is unexpected. It's been an issue for every wireless data provider using every type of wireless technology ever since the first ISP offered wireless service. I spent 2 years fighting DirecPC back in the late 90s. Didn't get my unlimited service restored but at least the restrictions were explained to new customers.

The best thing that ever happened to my personal wireless data delivery was Verizon buying a huge chunk 700Mhz spectrum. The FCC slipped a little clause into the contract that prevented Verizon from throttling LTE service. Verizon made noise about throttling grandfathered unlimited LTE accounts last year, spouting the usual "protecting our network" crap. They quietly backed down at the last minute with no explanation. Probably got a reminder from the FCC that they're not allowed to do that. Customers using the service they pay for isn't an attack on Verizon's network.

Comment Verizon (Score 2) 142

I traveled the US for a year from 2013 to 2014 and my [unlimited] LTE service from Verizon was better than any WiFi service I got from resorts and hotels except at three locations For the first half of the trip, I tethered through my Galaxy Nexus phone. For the second half, I used a Galaxy S5. My switch to the S5 happened around the time Verizon started rolling out XLTE in major cities and the speed increase was noticeable. I got up to 80 megs down and 40 up near Atlanta. Verizon's expensive but they have the best coverage. I've also used T-Mobile and AT&T but T-Mobile's coverage was miserable and AT&T couldn't reliably deliver data.

Comment Re:Good (Score 2) 177

I pushed the low-PPI display concept at my last job because we had a lot of people in their 50s and 60s who were always leaning in and squinting to see their standard-PPI monitors. 1366x768 on a 27" display can really reduce eye strain for people who have trouble reading a standard display. And it completely eliminates the issues of inconsistent scaling and requires no special support from the OS or applications. My boss threw out the usual "if we give Frank a 27" monitor, everybody will want one" rejection. God forbid we give people tools that make their job easier or more pleasant. Even back then you could get a 27" 720p TV with HDMI and VGA inputs for under $200. About what we were paying for the standard 19" monitors at the time. The only trick was finding one that reported its native resolution to the computer. Some would report 1280x720, others 1920x1080, and even 1360x768. Sooo close!

Comment Re:Translations (Score 2) 394

The software probably is pre-installed and they don't know it because they skipped the training sessions that were offered and didn't even read the memo that listed the linux equivalent and showed which icons to click.

If I had a dollar for every time someone emailed me to tell me that email wasn't working, I could have retired even sooner.

Comment Re:Well, the thing is the robots... (Score 1) 114

For some reason, that reminded me of a friend's blind dog. He loved when everyone came over for poker night but he hated that we moved all the furniture in the living room. He'd bump into a couple things then sigh and wait for someone to lead him to the yard or sofa or wherever he was trying to get.

Comment Re:Maybe not as bad as it sounds (Score 1) 231

There are a few small devices that can be upgraded or come with a decent amount of memory. Acer's E3-112-C1T9 is a celery-based 11.6" that comes with 4 gigs of RAM and a 500 gig hard drive for $260ish. There's also the ES1-111M-C40S with a 32 gig eMMC drive for $145 on Newegg right now. Specs say both can have their stock memory upgraded to 8 gigs. One stick in single-channel mode, tho.

I got an Asus T205XA for $130 that's good enough and it's smaller and lighter than either of those Acers. Also has a much longer run time on battery. But the Acers have gigabit ethernet, USB3, and full size SD and HDMI. You can have cheap, small, or perfect specs. Pick any two. :) I've only bumped against the 2 gigs in the X205TA a few times.

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