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Comment Re:Well there's your problem (Score 2) 73

My grandpa worked for Lockheed's space and missile division way back in the day. He said the attitude sensors for one of the rockets could be installed (or connected; I forget which) backwards and the rocket would think it was pointed in the opposite direction of its actual orientation and try to turn around. The bureaucracy involved in redesigning that single part was so cumbersome they just added a new pre-flight check. Send someone up the gantry to push the rocket and verify that the readings matched the push.

Fast-forward a few decades and one of my roommates worked for Lockheed. This was when they had a series of failed launches and were trying to figure out what the heck was going on. My roommate was on the team investigating one of the botched launches and they came to the conclusion that the rocket decided it was pointed 180 degrees from its actual orientation and it tried to turn around.

CSB, I have some telemetry strips from the Discoverer launches way back in the day. Found them when cleaning out my grandpa's garage a few years ago. Almost threw them out because they'd clearly been defiled by mice but I unrolled one a little bit and realized what they were.

Comment What the hell? (Score 1) 449

"My did didn't like computers so I sent her to computer camp and she still doesn't like computers. Something is wrong with the camp."

Seriously??? My God. Somebody with that kind of mentality is a CEO?


If your kid doesn't like broccoli, are you going to send her to broccoli camp? And if she comes back from camp still not liking broccoli, will it clearly be the fault of the camp?

Do kids even use computers these days? I thought they did everything on their phones.

Comment Re:It's not the size (Score 1) 279

I've tried to use tablets as a primary computing device while travelling but it's always more of a PITA than just taking a laptop. If I need something more than my phone, it's because I need an efficient input device. If I'm carrying a tablet, I'm also carrying a keyboard and maybe a mouse. If I'm going to carry a tablet and a keyboard, I may as well just take a laptop.

Right now, my travel computer is an Asus X205T. Not the fastest in the world but it's small, light, and plays 1080p video on an external monitor just fine so I can bring movies with me and play them on a TV. Handles 128 gig MicroSD cards. And it's fanless so I don't have to worry about blocking vents. Cost less than the keyboard for my Tab S 10.5.

Comment Re:Apple doesn't get it (Score 4, Interesting) 279

I dunno. I didn't see iPhones as a viable business phone but I was wrong. People wanted them because they were so easy to use. I didn't think the iPod was going to revolutionize portable music but then Apple went and made it so easy to buy music.

Apple has a way of making things that already exist simpler and more attractive. They've got Adobe products and Microsoft Office on the iPad. Assuming you can connect to network shares from the iPad, it's just a matter of convincing people it's better than sliced bread and Apple's good at that.

Comment This problem really shouldn't exist. (Score 5, Insightful) 262

The commentators are supposed to be professionals and plugging products is part of their profession. Do they fuck up the "Brought to you by Dodge: Take a stand against ordinary." plugs? No. And, if they did, they'd be getting yelled at during the next commercial break. Can you imagine if they said "Brought to you by the Toyota F-150, heartbeat of America." when the dodge logo popped up on the screen? (I just picked Dodge and their slogan out of thin air. I have no idea if Dodge advertises like that during NFL games but you get what I mean.) The tablets are a product and it's being advertised. Microsoft has paid a ton of money for this product placement and I find it hard to believe that their contract doesn't include assurances that their products will be correctly referenced a minimum number of times per game. And it probably has penalties for misidentification. Like calling their devices by the trademarked name of their biggest competitor. You don't need to be an expert on the product you're plugging to get the name right.

Comment Re:Size and heat (Score 1) 106

Funny you should say that. If I was playing while my tour bus was in motion, I'd want an SSD. But it's funny because I picked up both the PS4 and XBone on their release dates while I was in Texas during my year-long cross-country RV trip. I had a 14 drive media array in that RV full of 3.5" drives that handled the trip just fine. Of course, the drives weren't spinning while I was driving. That'd be dumb. But they all tolerated over 10,000 miles of bumps and bangs without losing a single bit.

But in-motion gaming doesn't seem like a reasonable explanation. That market segment has to be a minuscule fraction of a percent of their target market.

Comment My bank is the worst. (Score 4, Insightful) 148

Must have a mix of upper case, lower case, numbers, and special characters. And it can't be any of my last eleventy-six passwords. "It's been a while since you've logged in from the mobile application. Please change your password." What the flying fuck?!? I just wanted to check my balance and now I have to change my password.

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