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Comment Re:Photoshop, anybody (Score 1) 189

Not so much any more. It's mostly inertia. At least at the magazine where I used to work. Back before I started working there, they'd transitioned to Macs in art and pre-press because that's where the good software was. A few years into my employment, the big software players in the market started offering dual licensing. I could buy 20, 30, 40 seats and put them on whatever platform I wanted. The software was the same either way with the exception of where menus showed up. When it came time to upgrade the computers in those departments, I thought about pushing for PCs because we could get more bang for the buck. Then I remembered I was hired because of my Mac experience so I kept my mouth shut. Tho we did later transition part of the workflow to PC when we did a software and workflow change.

I think the biggest advantage I can still see is the quality of the hardware and displays. If you get a PC laptop with a cheap-ass display, you'll never be able to trust the color. Same with a desktop. But you can get a good monitor for a PC if you a few extra dollars out of your wallet.

Comment This has nothing to do with GPS. (Score 3, Insightful) 541

It has to do with people who are cognitively damaged/incompetent and are unable to comprehend that "this shouldn't be".

People have been wandering and getting lost long before GPS navigation was a consumer product. Ever since we've had an interstate system, people have been getting on the southbound ramp instead of northbound and winding up in Florida 2 days after they started the hour trip to visit the grandkids. Before that, they'd just wander into the wilderness and get eaten by a bear.

If somebody enters a destination in their GPS and it says the estimated travel time is 3 hours and they know it's a 5 mile trip, it's not the GPS' fault if they shrug and start driving.

Probably a form of mental illness.

Comment Re:Ummm.. nothing (Score 2) 220

I get OS support failures in my phones. They usually stop getting manufacturer and carrier support about a year after they're released. Even my flagship Android devices that are under 2 years old are running 5.0.x. It's only very recently that some manufacturers have finally started to provide security updates for "obsolete" devices so at least some of my devices are safe from years-old exploits. But they'll still be Left Behind in a few more years when apps require 6.x or higher.

Comment Re:How will this work for my flat (apartment)? (Score 1) 177

It won't. Same as it won't work for my house out in the sticks surrounded by tall trees. I don't think there's a clear area bigger than 20'x20' except the spot where the house sits. Oh, maybe the parking area in front of the garage would be big enough. Nevermind. I'm good. Sucks for you, tho, unless your apartment building has a flat roof that you can access.

Comment Re:Pretty cool (Score 3, Interesting) 197

I was looking into the same thing a couple years ago and came to the same conclusion. It ain't easy. Even in states where it is legal, there are few choices. If I recall correctly, I found two locations in my state where a natural burial is possible, tho I may have extended my search to neighboring states. They still require a container because reasons but at least it can be biodegradable.

Comment mid-90s (Score 1) 332

Some friends and I run a BBS on an old Dell Dimension from the mid-90s. The box was used when it was repurposed around 2000 and is still running the OS from that build so the current configuration is about 15-16 years old and the hardware (except for the hard drive) is 19-20 years old. In 2011, the hard drive started to fail so, I changed the hard drive, then handed it off to someone else when I started my vagrant phase in 2013. Before I got it and after I handed t off, it was running in garages with no heating or AC. Chugging away year after year. I'm supposed to be taking over care and feeding again but the current caretaker hasn't gotten around to sending it. If it ever shows up on my doorstep, I'll probably take a shot at making an image that I can put on a VPS. Or at least get it on something more modern and compact.

Comment Depends on the work (Score 1) 151

I just had a creative gig and, for me, creativity doesn't happen only between 8am and 5pm. And it may strike for a few minutes or ten hours. Maybe I wake up at 3am with a flash of inspiration and I'm back to sleep by 3:30. Or nothing clicked until 4pm and I worked until 2am. I did the job for a flat rate with a couple check-in points to be sure I was producing what they wanted but how I managed my time was my business because I was working alone.

On the flip side, most of my career has required that I be available during regular business hours because I was working directly with other employees and clients who kept regular business hours. It's hard to work as a team if everyone floats in and out whenever they feel like it.

As for removing stress, I've found the best way to do that is have a big chunk of money in the bank and no debt. I highly recommend it.

Comment Bittorrent (Score 1) 122

Seriously. Most popular books are already in electronic formats. While there may be some solid questions about whether it's legal, I think it's a perfectly ethical move. You're going from print to print, not audiobook, play, or movie version of a printed book that you own.

And scanning it is probably illegal anyway so it's not like all the extra work will protect you. Yeah, Google got away with it but they've got millions of dollars worth of lawyers who argued that their work was done for research purposes.

Comment Re:Not needed (Score 1) 481

Exactly. I've got a dishwasher that has 6 major cycles and another half dozen modifiers that can be applied. I use one cycle. Auto. I bought it for the quiet operation but manufacturers don't seem to be interested in reducing noise until they've run out of cycles to add. :P

Also, before starting the dishwasher, run the hot water at the sink until it comes out hot. And don't use the cheapest store brand detergent you can find.

Comment Re:Why do you hate America? (Score 1) 211

There's a simple and reasonably fair solution. Tack it on to their next sentence. If they're doing well in society, employed, supporting themselves and their families, and not committing new crimes, leave them alone. The point of prison is supposed to be to reform criminals and there wouldn't be any point in disrupting the lives of people who have been reformed. That couldn't possibly have a positive effect on society.

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