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Comment: Re:And DRM in the fucking *headphones*. (Score 1) 379

by jthorpe (#27196181) Attached to: iPod Shuffle Finds Its Voice
I agree. Looking at this picture, there are no "DRM chips" in the remote: It's probably just a few resistors between the buttons and ground connection to signal which button has been pressed. This is no different to the fact that my Nokia phone, which works as an audio player has a 2.5mm socket rather than a 3.5mm socket. Just like with my phone, it's only a matter of time before attachments become available that have the same set of buttons on a small attachment that then allows connectivity from standard earphones.
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+ - Comedy Group Almost Defeats APEC Security->

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ajdlinux (913987) writes "Members of the Australian comedy group The Chaser were arrested today after attempting to breach security at the APEC Leaders Conference in Sydney. Chas Licciardello and Julian Morrow were arrested, along with nine crew members, just a short distance away from the InterContinental Hotel where President Bush is staying, having already cleared one police checkpoint disguised as a Canadian motorcade. ""No particular reason we chose Canada," said Taylor. "We just thought they'd be a country who the cops wouldn't scrutinise too closely, and who feasibly would only have three cars in their motorcade — as opposed to the 20 or so gas guzzlers that Bush has brought with him."" More coverage at the Sydney Morning Herald and the ABC."
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