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+ - Dell Defect Turns 2.2GHz CPU into 100MHz CPU->

Submitted by jtavares2
jtavares2 (652237) writes "In what is being dubbed as Throttlegate, scours of users on many message boards have been complaining about inexplicably aggressive throttling policies on their Dell Latitude E6500 and E6400 laptops which cause its CPUs to be throttled to less than 5% of its theoretical maximum even while in room temperatures! In many cases, the issue can triggered just by playing a video or performing some other trivial, but CPU intensive, task. After being banned from the Dell Forums for revealing "non-public information", one user went so far as to write and publish a 59-page report explaining and diagnosing the throttling problem in incredible detail. Dell seems to be silent on the issue, but many users are hoping for a formal recall."
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+ - CATO Institute says Vonage Victim of Patent Abuse

Submitted by jtavares2
jtavares2 (652237) writes "Timothy B. Lee, a CATO Institute adjunct scholar, has written an interesting story on Vonage's recent patent woes. He slams the current U.S. patent system and the Federal Circuit's series of rulings in the 1980s which opened the barn doors to software patents. He goes on to talk about potential remedies, including some current cases pending before the Supreme Court."

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