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Comment "Fair to call it advertising"? (Score 2) 236

But Peace uses the Ghostery database, and Ghostery includes The Deck. It’s classified as “Advertising”, and even though it’s far nicer than most other entries in the category, it’s fair to call it advertising.

"Fair to call it advertising"?

That would be because it IS advertising.

I don't think Marco was paid-off. I think Ghostery was. And, or, he's received threats, because this certainly does tick-off plenty of people with minimal morals.

For most of us that use ad blockers, it is NOT about ads being "poorly behaved". We just don't want to see ads. Get it?

I guess not. Smart people can be idiots, too...

Comment Will it suck like... (Score 1) 191

Will it suck like force touch on the Apple Watch, and the stupid microswitch on the Apple Magic Trackpads?

I have both. The problem with the watch is that it makes both force touch and normal touch suck. You have to be dainty with a normal touch or it is not recognized. And force touch seems to require the some gorilla approach as the trackpad. Ow! It hurts my thumb!

Fortunately, Apple long ago realized how awful that switch on the trackpads is (this started with the notebooks, and then they decided this dysfunctional design was so good that they spun it off as a separate piece for desktops...) that they fiddled the software to let you configure it to just ignore any errant click and just let you tap without activating the switch. Which is the way I use it. You know, except when you tap too hard, and then the switch does activate and you hurt your thumb.

I want unforce touch. That is, distinguish between hovering over the surface and finger actually on the surface. It might make browser "hover" not suck again. On the other hand, naw. It will bring back those awful Microsoft-y cascading menus that are designed as a test of your skill in precision mouse pathing...

Comment Ah, yes, SPAWAR (Score 1) 192

Ah, yes, SPAWAR...

Where wrinkly old generals sit around in a hot tub all day discussing their war plans.

At least that was my first thought when I moved to San Diego years ago and first spotted the sign on the huge complex.

Trivia: during WWI, the building they are housed in was an aircraft factory. The factory roof and nets covering adjacent Pacific Highway had painted scenery to fool an errant Japanese bombers.

Millions of mom-and-pop businesses thank SPAWAR for enabling their old inventory system sitting in the corner running on a PC-AT to continue to function!

Comment Party like it's 1995! (Score 4, Interesting) 281

I used the original, or close to it.

In 1995, I worked for a company in San Diego (MediaShare) that did Tesco's first online store.

MediaShare had a publishing tool called ProductBase, that put product details in a database, and you could publish to print or CD-ROM (remember those?). I proposed to my boss that we could also easily publish to HTML, and he let me explore it.

This turned ProductBase into basically a static-site generator, and Mediashare built some sites for some of their existing clients ("the threes" - 3COM and 3M - we put the 3M Adhesives catalog and 3Com's catalog of network products online for the first time) and some new ones.

One of the new ones was Tesco, and I built a little shopping cart with a very-close-to-1.0 PHP script running under Netscape Server CGI.

I would have never thought that PHP would still be kicking around this many years later. That was the last time I ever used PHP.

The author had no pretensions about PHP. It was a simple little script to help him with his personal home page, and he admitted his lack of programming expertise. Others turned it into a Frankenstein's monster.

Comment Radio (Score 2) 260

a fourth set of content exclusives and pricing windows to think about instead of just listening to music

Dude, that's what radio is for!

If you just want to "listen to music", get a one of the free or premium radio player apps, pick any genre' and you can listen to practically any real radio station in the world (including, for example, every singe one in Jamaica) as well as a huge number of "Internet-only" choices.

Many of these have great, high-quality curated content. I'm not a "golden ears" so I'm OK with the audio quality of most.

If you're really into a specific artist, there's always certainly a free channel devoted to them, unless they are obscure. If they are obscure, buy their tracks in and support them ferchristsake! Then you can listen to them any time you want. You are doing them any favors streaming them, because they will get tiny payments if any when it comes out in the wash.

One of the days I might take the time to convert my vinyl. Naw, probably not... I just put on KCRW Eclectic 24 in the car, and it calms me between the nice lady saying "now, take the exit to the right" after I've passed the exit... And that's the sum total of my streaming experience.

Oh, yea, I guess I have a subscription service I don't use. I have Amazon Prime. I use it for the free shipping. If there's a movie they have that I really, really want to see, and I can't get it on Netflix or some free channel on Apple TV, I might go to the trouble of AirPlaying it from my Mac. But never used their music streaming.

I'd bet more people are in the opposite position of you. That is, they already have a streaming service that they don't even use.

Comment Dodging bullets... (Score 1) 227

I think the only way you can make that kind of money is networking is dodging bullets - either literal or figurative.

Either you are going to have a high-stress job where you will be on-call 24/7 and people will be yelling at you all day, or you need to go to Irag, Afghanistan, etc. etc. etc.

Just find a job outside of the Bay Area. You will take a pay cut, but you will come out ahead.

I hope you haven't been counting on those stock options that, in the vast majority of cases, will ultimately be worth --- nothing. (statistically, if you work for a venture-funded startup.)

"I never let my schooling get in the way of my education." -- Mark Twain