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Comment: I see you're trying to ... (Score 1) 184

by jstockdale (#33503668) Attached to: They Finally Found Out We Like Our Computers

... extrapolate social interactions onto non-sentient objects. Would you like me to:

1) Find some friends for you on facebook?
2) Order you some books on interpersonal relationships from
3) Club CN over the head with a baseball bat, so he'll stop trying to shoehorn 'social' interactions into my goddamn UI.

(And, yes: This is a gross generalization, but not totally untrue.)

Comment: Re:From Mark: (Score 1) 219

by jstockdale (#30427944) Attached to: Facebook Founder's Pictures Go Public

Do you really think that the CEO and founder of Facebook, didn't know the implications of what is possibly the biggest feature launch so far this year?

Not to mention, setting 'his shit to private' as you so eloquently put it would contradict the mission statement of Facebook.

Anyway ... them's the facts* FWIW ... you can choose to believe what you'd like.

*Why yes, IAAFbE.

Comment: Re:The article is even more amusing than that. (Score 1) 264

by jstockdale (#26493069) Attached to: Wireless Internet Access Uses Visible Light, Not Radio Waves


No, seriously, the absolute frequency doesn't matter worth shit.

It's the delta(frequency), or "band-width". Specifically fmax-fmin=bandwidth which is proportional to channel capacity.

That said, you can fit more X MHz channels into the spectrum @ 1 GHz than you can at 1MHz ... but the point stands.

Comment: Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 352

by jstockdale (#26460689) Attached to: The Unmanned Air Force

No UAV is capable of fighting a mannned air craft and winning.

Actually, the main limiting factor for the latest generation of manned aircraft is not the airframe, but the pilot.

I would imagine that a UAV could OWN a human pilot, just pull a 10G turn and then fire a missile where the F-22 will be. Done and done.

Comment: Re:Interesting! (Score 3, Funny) 161

by jstockdale (#26444399) Attached to: IBM Creates MRI With 100M Times the Resolution

It's C. The cough_up_hairball() function has undocumented side effects, including all of he aforementioned.

Now, in C++, he could have just overloaded the "<<" operator to do all of that.

Well, at least it's better than cat implemented in Java:

AnimalInstance ourCat = new Cat
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
org.slashdot.animal.Cat.tear_through_house_for_no_apparent_reason() ...

*sigh* Oh Java.

Comment: BSEE - Computer Hardware - FTW! (Score 1) 352

by jstockdale (#26305563) Attached to: Interesting Computer Science Jobs?

The reasons you stated are exactly why I decided on electrical engineering instead of computer science, and my alma matter has one of the best CS dept's in the country.

It's incredible how many people think being able to stitch some crap together, likely barely-working and in Java, is a skill set these days. Without understanding the mechanics behind what your code is doing, what's the point? (Speaking of which, I've met "developers" who don't know what a pointer is. WTF?)

Albeit, it's not that often that I need to delve down to (or below) the opcode level, but it's sure nice to know that I can when necessary.

Comment: Re:When is backing up *not* an option? (Score 1) 711

by jstockdale (#26303259) Attached to: Why Mirroring Is Not a Backup Solution

No offense, but if you're in disaster recovery mode, I don't think you're going to care about drive depreciation or random access. You don't pull your tapes in from off-site because someone deleted the e-card their mom sent them for christmas -- you pull your tapes when a meteor hits your DC and you don't have any other option.

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