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by jsrjsr (#46769853) Attached to: Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment
Very few people in the US are "armed to automatic weapons". The majority of us have semi-automatic shotguns and semi-automatic rifles, which fire one shot each time you pull the trigger -- just like revolvers, pump-action, bolt-action and other firearms with magazines. AND WE'VE GOT FUCKING GRIZZLY BEARS! (and several other nasty species)

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She said that communism is good at dealing with that kind of thing, not that democracy was incapable of fixing it. She made the rather obvious point that communist states find it easier to act for the collective good, while in democracies people tend to act in their own interests.

Yep. That's why the Soviet Union and China had no environmental problems at all, while the United States rots in a cesspool of filth.

What's that? The Soviet Union and China were some of the most polluted countries on earth? Really!?

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An easement is a limited right or interest in the land of another entitling the holder to use, privilege or benefit.

Eminent domain is the legal right and procedures for a municipality to take title and possession of private property for public use.

You might be able to get an easement by using eminent domain, but the more normal process is to purchase an easement. Another way is what happens in a subdivision, where the developer defines where the easements are for such things as utility services (wires, fiber optics, water mains, sewer pipes).

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The problem is, there are a lot of candidates out there now. A LOT.

That's the exact opposite of the experience at the company I work for. My department has been trying to hire 6 software engineers with two or more years of C# experience for most of this year. So far, we've managed to hire two. Not sure what the reason is, but there is a dearth of applications from people with said C# experience.

Maybe it's that we're not a typical software company doing web stuff (we do PC apps that configure our HW products).
Maybe it's HR filtering wrongly.
Maybe it's that we're in Wisconsin, instead of either coast.

Any more ideas?

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For the books I usually buy, the price of a Kindle edition is half that of a hardcover. When the book goes to paperback the price usually drops to a buck or two less than the paperback. Seems about equivalent (or better) to buying a paperback and then reselling it to the used book store. Plus I get to keep my Kindle editions forever (even if the book has DRM unless something unusual happens -- and if I really wanted to, I could break the DRM and keep it anyway).

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No one seems to realize the NIF is just to study fusion for weapons research. It has no hope of ever leading to an energy source.

People don't realize this because it is NOT true.

NIF does not have a single mission. A big part is weapons research, but that's not all they do.

Below is a quote from their web site:

Achieving nuclear fusion in the laboratory is at the heart of the directorate's three complementary missions:

* Helping ensure the nation's security without nuclear weapons testing (see National Security).

* Blazing the path to a carbon-free energy future (see Energy for the Future).

* Achieving breakthroughs in a wide variety of scientific disciplines, including astrophysics, materials science, the use of lasers in medicine, radioactive and hazardous waste treatment, particle physics, and X-ray and neutron science (see Understanding the Universe).

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Hmmm... We must be getting a better crop of interns than you. Our interns start out testing products and a year later are usually writing code for testing those products. Several interns have written code that ended up in our products -- these are the ones that we usually hire when they graduate.

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