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+ - Prosecutors charge man with child porn in encryption case

Submitted by jsrjsr
jsrjsr writes: Remember the software engineer accused of possessing child pornography who was refusing to decrypt his hard drives? He was having some success in court, but it sounds like the FBI was able to decrypt some images without his cooperation. Here is an update from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

A West Allis man who has been fighting federal prosecutors' efforts to make him decrypt computer drives seized from his home as part of a child pornography investigation was arrested Tuesday...

+ - Refuses to Decrypt -- Claims Fifth Amendment->

Submitted by jsrjsr
jsrjsr writes: A West Allis, WI computer scientist is refusing to decrypt hard drives that the FBI claims contain child pornography. He has consistently refused to admit anything in the case, which a judge says has the effect of strengthening his claim of fifth amendment protection against incriminating himself.
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+ - Library Install Internet Filter to Avoid Illegal Download Lawsuits->

Submitted by jsrjsr
jsrjsr writes: The West Bend, Wisconsin library is installing filters on its public internet wi-fi access to avoid paying for illegal downloads of copyrighted materials. The library has already tapped its reserve fund twice to pay off two settlements to copyright owners.
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