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Comment: Re:Best DOS game... (Score 1) 133

by jshackney (#47356305) Attached to: FreeDOS Is 20 Years Old

Doom, that's awesome. That's pretty much when I started getting bored with games and the race for frame rates.

That was a fun game, though. Flight sims were more my thing. I enjoyed the heck out of F-19 Stealth Fighter (yeah, C64) and FPS:Football. Wish I could find a working copy of the latter. Also, been looking for a flight sim I had purchased, but never got to install (would like to see what I missed) as hardware evolved too rapidly and backward compatibility was super sketchy at that time. Wish I could remember the name of that sim.

Comment: Only if . . . (Score 1) 427

by jshackney (#47320729) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Would It Take For You To Buy a Smartwatch?

I'd get one if it could do all of these things:
1) Tell time in at least three time zones at one glance (local, UTC, home)
2) Must be solar powered (those kinetic watches are crazy pricey) -- My last trip to a jeweler for a battery change was wasted with a 45 minute sales pitch for Melaleuca. No thank you!
3) Must NOT be crazy pricey (I'd rather spend $100 for a GOOD watch)
4) Must, absolutely must be light and comfortable (ideally of a size that would be considered large for a ladies' watch, yet smallish for a mens' watch)

I'd be flexible on these:
1) Be able to tell the time of sunset, sunrise, civil twilight, and anything else interesting as far as sunset/sunrise is concerned, but must be able to give LOCAL times without me resetting the location manually each time.
2) Exercise tracking ability (obviously GPS/calculator/etc/)
3) USB/Bluetooth/IR connectivity

Things I really DO NOT need:
1) An E-6B built-in to the face.
2) Fancy/flashy face and/or band

Comment: Re:Is the gold rush over? (Score 1) 768

by jshackney (#36438686) Attached to: Ask Amir Taaki About Bitcoin

$35 (1968) is roughly equivalent to $73.80 to $107.00 (1980) using various indices

or, going the other way:

$850 (1980) is roughly equivalent to $277 to $403 (1968).

The value of gold was not allowed to inflate for several years (fixed at $35/oz. in 1934). John Seabrook wrote an article in 1989, Invisible Gold that briefly touched on the value of gold from the Gold Standard through the 1980s.

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