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Comment Re:Why not "Cooking for All"? (Score 1) 244

It was removed from our schools. Apparently we're so concerned about food allergies that I can no longer take homemade foods into the school that are intended for sharing (i.e. cupcakes for a birthday, cookies for a "holiday" party--we're not allowed to call it a Christmas party anymore, seriously). It has to be a commercially made product with nutrition label and full ingredients list.

Cost may also be a factor, but that wasn't cited by our school system. It was allergies.

Comment Re:Yes, and ... Zoning? Build an airport anywhere? (Score 2) 81

it's actually a very messy situation - airports (certified aerodromes) are federal government objects

Sorta. Many are Federal properties, but not all. In particular, they accept Federal "management" when they accept money from the FAA.

Chicago tried, digging up the runways at Meigs Field, but was fined millions for contract violation (the FAA makes agreements for airport funding and improvements, provided the land stays as an airport for X years, usually 25+)

In Chicago's case, when you accept Federal (FAA) money for an airport, you better use it on that airport or suffer the consequences. Frankly, I don't think Chicago paid a high enough fine. I believe KSMO's problems stem from similar matters. I'm surprised they haven't tried the Mayor Daly approach to airport management.

Comment Better Schedules (Score 1) 654

My public transit is cheap and I can quickly and easily walk to about three bus stops within a block or two of my house. The problem: my one-way commute is 15 minutes by car, it would be 65 by bus. That, in itself isn't the dealbreaker. I very often have to be at work before the first bus is even running and occasionally I come home after the last bus has run. If we could run an express from a stop near me to a stop near work that operates before and after the regular routes, I'd use public transit significantly more.

Comment Re:Shouldn't this be obvious? (Score 1) 150

#1, #2 are mere nuisances compared to #3. Administrative interference caused my wife to quit early in her career. The only thing keeping my mother in teaching is that she's close to retirement.

#4 is evil and the roots are deep. Increasingly, teachers are incapable of teaching (either by training or policy).

Comment Re:Another Side of The Coin (Score 1) 115

Having spent many hours flying in your region, I can tell you the commercial aviators are talking to someone that is looking at a RADAR screen. Transponders are in heavy use, and someone is INSIDE the aircraft looking OUTSIDE. Drones have extremely limited field of view, and no identification system to allow for inclusion in the air traffic system.

Can't say much about the private flyers other than, I really wish they would take advantage of the ATC system more.

Comment Re:Avionics (Score 1) 115

Maybe as ADS-B gets less expensive, that'd be the way to go. However, at present, ADS-B pricing is utterly ludicrous for hobby. As it is, the ATCRBS is antiquated and cumbersome for drone use.

I know of one state that specifically regulates R/C, rockets, and kites within the vicinity of an airport. I don't see why the FAA couldn't address the issue and make a uniform rule across the country.

On a tangent: I have hit birds, had more RAs than I care to count (thank my lucky stars for TCAS), and just a few months ago, as I was coming down final for 34L at VNY, I had to maneuver to avoid a kite being flown within the final approach corridor. Every one of those involved me reporting it to ATC and filling out any requisite paperwork and/or being interviewed by ATC personnel after-the-fact.

And a final story, somewhere over Georgia a couple years ago, talking to Atlanta Center, there was a Lufthansa flight descending through the clouds that queried Center about a weather balloon flying at altitude. Center was not aware of the presence of the balloon and the Lufthansa pilot, expressing his concern (in a heavy German accent) says, "That was FUCKING CLOSE!" The particularly bad thing about a balloon is that one cannot see if a cable extends beneath it or not until it's too late. If it's not charted or not NOTAM'd, it's extremely dangerous.

People do stupid things. Unfortunately, we are in a world where stupidity has to be regulated.

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