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Comment What about the new Wii Sports? (Score 1) 122

This is bunk, as many people have said before... exercise is good medicine. Who wants to wager that the new "updated" version of Wii Sports, with the Motion Plus controls, will be put on a similar test and researchers will waste another couple of million dollars figuring out that moving around is good for Parkinsons.

Comment Re:The article says they had been taken for pathol (Score 1) 582

She lives in or near Sammamish, Washington. So, while they do have some medical use, they're not all that open. Considering that possession of little more than an ounce or cultivation of any kind is still a felony.

That's right, she lives in or near Sammamish, WA, which means she's about 2 hours from Vancouver. Hmmm....

Comment I like Google stance here, not the Author's Guild (Score 1) 64

Google seems to be doing EXACTLY what Amazon is doing with their Kindle book service, they're just going all in wholesale. Whereas Amazon waits for the book publishers and authors to explicitly authorize their content to be sold on the Kindle, Google is taking more of a "shoot first and ask questions later" approach. Since a presumably large number of these scanned works will be from Author's Guild writers, I don't see why the Author's Guild can't say "Sure, you can scan the books of our patrons!". But instead, they are douchebags and say "In fact, you can scan ANY* book and we'll collect on the revenue for it." Which, as we all know, is retarded. Google is trying to one-up all of the other online book stores by being able to offer EVERY book. The Author's Guild is giving them the unjustified legal means to do so.

Comment Re:cashback? (Score 1) 443

I was picturing it working like, "I'm looking to fly to Missouri in September. When should I buy tickets so I'm likely to get the best prices, all things considered." Does Priceline do that? ( I honestly don't know, I don't it).

Not if you're planning on flying to Missouri, it doesn't! In fact, I think their system is now smart enough to suggest a different vacation destination!

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