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Fair enough, but then if he had the image in his Gmail, did Google not possess the image themselves before he downloaded, I guess you can add distributing across state lines for ha-has. Or if he placed them there did he ever download them after they knew what was in it, as in did they knowingly distribute? Not trying to be a troll, genuinely curious where the law stands on this. For further thought, how can you get around this kind of surveillance with tech? Is some sort of decentralized cloud storage needed or even feasible?

Melbourne Uber Drivers Slapped With $1700 Fines; Service Shuts Down 255

Posted by timothy
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beaverdownunder (1822050) writes "Victoria Australia's Taxi Directorate has begun a crackdown on Melbourne Uber drivers, fining them $1700 each for operating a taxi service illegally, with total fines apparently equalling over $50000. In response, Uber has shut down its Melbourne service, and has refused to comment on whether its drivers will be compensated, since Uber told them they were providing a legal service. (Fined Uber drivers could take the company to the state's consumer tribunal: stay tuned!) Uber is set to meet with the Directorate next week but it is likely the demands the Directorate will place on Uber drivers, such as mandatory criminal record checks, vehicle inspections and insurance, will make the service in Melbourne unviable. Meanwhile, the New South Wales government is awaiting a report to determine if Uber drivers operating in that state are doing so illegally, warning that drivers could face substantial fines if they are found to have been operating in breach of the law. In South Australia, it doesn't even appear Uber will get off the ground — the state has made it clear that those who operate as an Uber driver will be driving without being covered by the state's mandatory insurance coverage, essentially de-registering their vehicle and making them liable for fines and license suspension."

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by jsh1972 (#46921437) Attached to: Researchers See a Post-Snowden Chilling Effect In Our Search Data
Settle down, Beavis- the impression I get from this is post-snowden, aka after Snowden has revealed what pieces of shit are government actually are (confirmed might be more accurate for some) people are willing up to the fact that yes, they really are watching us and adjusting their search habits accordingly. I wouldn't say 'blame' as much as 'give proper credit to'.

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Simple, the pressure doesn't equalize until the water inside the cylinder rises to the level of the water outside; then the pump just sucks the water right off the top of the inside of the cylinder, lowering the inside level and forcing more water through the membrane.

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by jsh1972 (#45231059) Attached to: First Experimental Evidence That Time Is an Emergent Quantum Phenomenon
Long ago, shortly after completing Roger Penrose's "the Emperor's New Mind", so the subject matter was still turning over in my head, I had the idea while half asleep that all existence was a hugely infinite array of potentials and possibilities, and that among countless permutations was a single particular configuration, that included the physical constants as we know them and the world line of each individual particle, that fit together in such a way to perfectly describe the physical universe as we know it, and as a conscious virtual being in this universe, considering the notions of which I am writing, OBSERVES the truth of the ideas he just had, collapsing the wavefunction and bringing into physical being, well, everything. I love when books carry into the half awake half dream state!

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