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Comment Re: "Everyone knows" THAT WARRANTS ARE REQUIRED! (Score 1) 171

It's kind of a shame, too... If everyone DIDN'T know they were packing heat, maybe they'd be a little more hesitant to use it so as to take serious criminals in life or death situations by surprise. Oh well, what they lack in smarts they make up in sheer numbers, I suppose... Plus, uncle Sam's gifts of barely outdated military hardware has really exacerbated the problem. When you get new toys, it's only natural you're going to want to use them. Which is why we now have little bergs with a population around 700 give or take a few with their own SWAT teams, armored personal carriers, m4 rifles, etc. Good day to you fellow Americans, and remember- BE AFRAID

Comment Re: "Everyone knows" THAT WARRANTS ARE REQUIRED! (Score 1) 171

"Everyone knows" that police carry loaded handguns, so if you get shot by one after assaulting him when he came upon you in the middle of your 7-11 stickup, he's totally justified in using it on you. After all, "everyone knows" police carry, and "everyone knows" they won't hesitate to bypass your right to trial, right to attorney, Miranda rights, etc, and just dispense street justice right on the spot. It should be OK, right? After all, "everyone knows".

Comment Re: problem is, using up the stock of stand-ins (Score 1) 232

Often multiple times per film. I take care of an invalid family member (95 yr old grandmother, pretty severe dementia) and the ONLY thing she'll watch is the LOTR trilogy... We got it for her thanksgiving '14, so she's seen all 3 hundreds of times a piece at this point. I'll be in the next room reading or messing with my rpi2 or something and out of nowhere- "EAAGGHHH!" Wilhelm scream. It's extremely jarring, always destroys my concentration on whatever I was doing. On the rare occasion I feel like watching the film (again), it always draws me completely out of the flow of the plot. We get it, audio engineers. It was funny for a time. It needs to die now, take it off life support and let it die with dignity. It's gotten so bad when I replay the scene in my mind off Fonzie jumping the shark, I now head the Wilhelm scream as he does his jump.

Comment Re: I remember that bullshit dowsing rod. (Score 1) 152

I seem to remember some bs voodoo "explanation" of this device that pretty much claimed exactly that, that molecules of different substances all had their own unique em signature. But then, you'd think there would be circuitry and stuff to allow it to actually perform some function.

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