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Comment cavemen (Score 1) 891

amazing how many of you guys would prefer to live in a world filled with shitty assholes, treating everyone like a jerk. polite doesn't necessarily mean backstabber, and strength doesn't come from being rude -- it's just a sign of embracing your inner moron. you guys disgust me. in a world filled with hate and violence, it's nice and refreshing to work in a "professional" environment where people aren't utter dicks all the time, when people of various genders and ethnic backgrounds get along with each other. there's this prickish selfishness i find among you, where everything is a goddamned pissing contest. knock it off already. it doesn't hurt you to be civil to one another -- that's the real sign of strength, bros.

Comment What's a perk? (Score 1) 474

Worked an entire year, 200 hours a month on salary, to receive less than 3 whole days off one year later -- 19 hours of PTO to be exact. I'm not paid enough for this. Required to work Saturdays is the biggest slap in the face. Told my boss in January I'm committed to 9 hour days, not 11-12 which is what I worked last year.

Submission + - Our early solar system may have been home to a fifth giant planet (sciencemag.org)

sciencehabit writes: A cluster of icy bodies in the same region as Pluto could be proof that our early solar system was home to a fifth giant planet, according to new research. That planet may have “bumped” Neptune during its migration away from the sun 4 billion years ago, causing the ice giant to jump into its current orbit and scattering a cluster of its satellites into the Kuiper belt in the outer solar system.

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