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Comment Mitch Daniels former Gov -- did he outsource this? (Score 1) 60

Governor Mitch Daniels outsourced the unemployment database, and slashed the budget for job training for the unemployed in an attempt to keep Indiana "in the black". As a result, there are fewer IT jobs in Indiana, and those who are trying to jumpstart their career are generally-speaking, FUCKED. I wonder if any shortcuts were taken with their statewide medical patients database? It wouldn't surprise me.

Comment terminology (Score 4, Insightful) 513

Is it a drone, capable of flying by itself, or is it a radio controlled vehicle that must be piloted?

Was it lingering over the guy's property or passing through his airspace?

Clearly the pilot did not take evasive action. Being able to shoot it makes it seem like he was pestering the homeowner.

Comment Free Saturdays! (Score 2) 381

My employer makes all salaried employees work Saturdays. Thankfully it's only a half-day, but had they been up-front about this, I would not have agreed or would have asked for significantly more money. I'm appreciative that they only ask me to work every other Saturday but there's zero pay for it. I put in about 200 hours per month while salaried positions elsewhere only require 160 hours a month. And to top it off, I've only earned 3 paid time off days in over a year, because all the additional time I work isn't counted against time off for doctor's visits and the like. It's bullshit.

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