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Comment Re:there is only one (Score 1) 488

The biggest problems for Trump and Sanders is that the RNC and DNC have committed state governors who run the untrustworthy voting machines, and who are likely to engage in the kind of manipulation that prevents us from getting an accurate and true count of who really got the votes.

Comment What's a perk? (Score 1) 474

Worked an entire year, 200 hours a month on salary, to receive less than 3 whole days off one year later -- 19 hours of PTO to be exact. I'm not paid enough for this. Required to work Saturdays is the biggest slap in the face. Told my boss in January I'm committed to 9 hour days, not 11-12 which is what I worked last year.

Submission Our early solar system may have been home to a fifth giant planet->

sciencehabit writes: A cluster of icy bodies in the same region as Pluto could be proof that our early solar system was home to a fifth giant planet, according to new research. That planet may have “bumped” Neptune during its migration away from the sun 4 billion years ago, causing the ice giant to jump into its current orbit and scattering a cluster of its satellites into the Kuiper belt in the outer solar system.
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Comment Mitch Daniels former Gov -- did he outsource this? (Score 1) 60

Governor Mitch Daniels outsourced the unemployment database, and slashed the budget for job training for the unemployed in an attempt to keep Indiana "in the black". As a result, there are fewer IT jobs in Indiana, and those who are trying to jumpstart their career are generally-speaking, FUCKED. I wonder if any shortcuts were taken with their statewide medical patients database? It wouldn't surprise me.

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