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+ - Kove® XPD L2 Sets 5 Microsecond Storage Latency World Record->

Submitted by
jschmitz writes "Kove high-speed storage technology is particularly useful for time-sensitive pre-trade risk assessment, now required of high-speed trading.

Kove benchmarks include:

1.The world’s lowest round trip latency of 6 microseconds for read and 8 microseconds for writes
2.The world’s highest IOPS of 11.7 Million in 4U in a single addressable space
3.The world’s highest bandwidth of 28.5 Gigabytes/second in 4U in a single addressable space
4.The market’s highest density, 2 Terabyte Memory Disk, Xpress Disk Gen 2 (XPD2)
By using industry standard dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chips, the Kove XPD2s "outperform all other solutions," including flash memory and spinning disks, the firm asserted. The equipment used during the testing process was provided by R Systems, a high-performance computing consultancy."

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Comment: SSD (Score 1, Interesting) 292

by jschmitz (#40402653) Attached to: SSD Prices Down 46% Since 2011
the problem with SSD for high performance storage is you have to over allocate almost to a factor of 10 to get the advertised speeds ....moving from 10% occupancy to 94% occupancy can degrade performance by more than 90%. To avoid dramatic performance loss, manufacturers often “over-capacity” devices in order to ensure sufficient pre-erase “buffering” for performance. Regardless, running storage capacity at 10% will yield one performance level, 35% a lesser performance level, 75% still a lower level, and 95% capacity nearly grinds performance to a halt. DRAM is the way to go maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

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