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Comment To me, the U.S. government seems corrupt. (Score 3, Informative) 193

"90% of the things I buy to live (Food, Toiletries, shelter) are owned and made by 13 companies."

It seems that the U.S. government now only helps rich people become richer. There is no democracy.

Companies That Control the World's Food (That is the 2nd page of the article.)

Food Processing's top 100

Comment Re:The missing link is mental illness (Score 1) 83

You do claim to be pro-life, right? Obviously your stated priorities here belie that notion.

Wow, you get the non-sequitur of the day here. Let's differentiate between
(a) advocating the obviousness of life starting when one's information is complete (it's an uber-#Derp to say otherwise, but you seem enamored of such) and
(b) insisting, as a policy matter, that my tax dollars not fund something I find morally equivalent to the Holocaust.
I'm guessing you may be trying to go for some hypocrisy play here, as though one cannot hold position (a) while halting at (b) and striving to improve the situation through proper policy channels? Is that the rhetorical wedge you strive to drive?

Comment Re:The answer is, "Republiucans and Democrats" (Score 1) 31

That is no excuse to keep on doing it.

You. . .still have not stipulated what *else* you're suggesting, Oh Fountain \Of Foreign Policy Wisdom. For example, given the Diplomatic, Informational, Military, and Economic (DIME) levers of national power, you seem intent on de-emphasizing the M. Fair enough. What sort of policy framework would you stipulate to achieve some other stipulated national strategy goal?
My expectations are low, low, low: by all means, surprise me.

Comment Re:Let's presume you're being honest for a moment (Score 1) 83

My reaction is a straight up, accurate representation of reality. Your gyrations continue to be of scientific interest at best.

You're just a regular guy enjoying and more recently fearing for his overwhelming demographic supremacy.

Working hard, trying to find a shred of validity to your godless Commie sodomite droolings, one enjoys a tacit genomic supremacy. Homo sapiens enjoys a pride of place amidst the animals. Can't seriously argue there. But the laughable "overwhelming demographic supremacy" hogwash--are you trolling, projecting, simple, or what? If one understands the meaning of Christ crucified, your ODS concept is just so much rancid foolishness.

You need to accept the truth!

I was saved at age 11. A sermon on the Great Commission. New Plymouth, Idaho. Good times.

Comment Oh. Really. (Score 1) 83

Your desires are very unchristian.

I'm deeply fascinating as to how you would broad-jump to this completely novel conclusion. Please. By all means. Do share the development of your thought in arriving at this conclusion. As a life-long student of the Bible, I crave the enlightenment that must surely follow.

To "walk away", you are more than welcome to shed your citizenship if it is such a heavy burden.

So, might one say you're somewhat in favor of obviating a Convention of States to allow a peaceful harmonization of all the disparate political expressions of our day?

Comment Re:Let's presume you're being honest for a moment (Score 1) 83

If this were the 40s or 50s you would be on the same bandwagon against interracial marriage too

Please insert your bogus counterfactual in your orifice of choice. You soil yourself with such.

And then there's your ongoing denial that racism is still widespread.

I have never denied that Affirmative Action is widespread and, in coordination with the media, fanning the flames of racism.
You should come to my totally rainbow church and disabuse yourself of some of your own wrongheadedness.

Comment Re:The answer is, "Republiucans and Democrats" (Score 1) 31

the action in Afghanistan is as anti constitution as it gets

To try to agree with you, our foreign policy is a dog that lifts its leg all over the Constitution's ideals of limited government. Sure.
But there is no Constitutional template for a "declaration of war"; thus, all that hideously expensive activity (I spent about a year in close observation) is pretty much predicated upon tradition, precedent, and the whim of whatever tool wins the election. If there was an impeachment basis in the Constitution, I'm confident that W would've been cashiered, and probably #OccupyResoluteDesk, too.
The neoconism is mostly bollocks, AFAICT; what's lacking is any sensible, consistent alternative.

Submission + - Disclosed Netgear Flaws Under Attack (

msm1267 writes: A vulnerability in Netgear routers, already disclosed by two sets of researchers at different security companies, has been publicly exploited.

Netgear, meanwhile, has yet to release patched firmware, despite apparently having built one and confirmed with one of the companies that privately disclosed that it addressed the problem adequately.

The vulnerability is a remotely exploitable authentication bypass that affects Netgear router firmware N300_1.1.0.31_1.0.1.img, and N300- The flaw allows an attacker, without knowing the router password, to access the administration interface.

Top Ten Things Overheard At The ANSI C Draft Committee Meetings: (7) Well, it's an excellent idea, but it would make the compilers too hard to write.