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Comment Re:You need a study for this? (Score 3, Interesting) 256

When my kids were toddlers, a lot of friends used to comment on how well they ate. Usually while fighting a battle to force feed their own kids. If you shove food down kids throats, the only thing they learn from that experience is how to reject food.

A lot of it starts with the obsessive tracking of weight and height gain that doctors and midwives push onto parents these days, which makes parents unreasonably anxious about whether their child is eating enough. My eldest was tracking the lower 95th percentile for weight since he was born, and is still a skinny 10 year old despite eating adult sized portions. At first we were told we needed to feed him more, and almost ended up with social services assigned to the case, but after reviewing a food diary which showed him eating more quantity of more nutritious food than most toddlers his age, they finally left us alone.

Comment Re:Online retailers (Score 1) 315

1) Have a friendly guy in the shop who didn't look too closely at your signature in return for a couple of quid.

2) Have a moron in the shop who didn't look too closely at your signature.

Both of these are pretty common place

If you actually find someone working in retail who cares enough to not fall under 2, it'd probably take a bit more than a couple of quid to turn them into 1.

Comment Re:How racism? (Score 1) 572

Not only is immigration good for Germany, it is essential for the economy as the peak of the Baby Boom generation reaches retirement age over the next 15 years. By 2030 their workforce will be 80% of what it is now, with the population down only a few percent. Other Western countries are in similar situations (though Germany is one of the most severe cases).

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 182

There's no way to tell the server "Hey, I know I'm on, but I'm actually that guy who was on a moment ago, so start routing my packets here."

You don't need to tell the server, you need to tell the routers in between. This was part of the IMS standards that the 3GPP came up with in the early stages of defining "4G" networks. Probably you can't do it with IPv4 addresses unless your local network and the mobile network are somehow co-operating, but there is a block of IPv6 addresses reserved for such use IIRC.

But I'm not sure that connection level failover is needed for the use cases covered by this feature - normal connection retries from the apps that are designed to be used on flaky mobile networks in the first place should take care of everything unless the server is checking authentication cookies against originating IP for every request.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 182

I don't see how netflix could automagically start streaming to your new IP address, so most likely, you will have to restart the stream from the beginning.

I've never used Netflix, as it is only available in limited parts of the world without using a VPN, but I can't imagine a video service in 2015 that does not support restarting the stream from somewhere other than the beginning - like the location it had downloaded up to before the connection broke, while it still has enough buffer to seamlessly cover the fact that it just switched connections.

Comment Re:Of course, this is natural. (Score 1) 164

Why would the thing after 4G be called 5G? As far as I know I already have the thing after 4G, it's called 4G+.

And like 3.5G, it will inevitably be called 5G by marketers anyway once the first competitor launches a real 5G network and others don't want to look like they are behind.

Comment Re:Of course, this is natural. (Score 1) 164

In some places in UK at least, short distances are indicated in metres, and longer distances in miles. Often both abbreviated to 'm', which makes for some amusing signposts (I recall some along the canal towpaths in central Birmingham: "National Sea Life Centre 150m, Wolverhampton 16m" or something like that)

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