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+ - New revokable identity-based encryption scheme proposed->

Submitted by jd
jd (1658) writes "Identity-based public key encryption works on the idea of using something well-known (like an e-mail address) as the public key and having a private key generator do some wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff to generate a secure private key out if it. A private key I can understand, secure is another matter.

In fact, the paper notes that security has been a big hastle in IBE-type encryption, as has revocation of keys. The authors claim, however, that they have accomplished both. Which implies the public key can't be an arbitrary string like an e-mail, since presumably you would still want messages going to said e-mail address, otherwise why bother revoking when you could just change address?

Anyways, this is not the only cool new crypto concept in town, but it is certainly one of the most intriguing as it would be a very simple platform for building mostly-transparent encryption into typical consumer apps. If it works as advertised.

I present it to Slashdot readers, to engender discussion on the method, RIBE in general and whether (in light of what's known) default strong encryption for everything is something users should just get whether they like it or not."

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Comment: Re:Nice copypasta! (Score 1) 231

by hairyfeet (#47961151) Attached to: Apple's "Warrant Canary" Has Died
Really? I thought we lived in America where slavery in all forms was alive and well, we just call them illegals. After al you can work them like dogs, give them unsafe work conditions the "freemen" won't touch, and if they get injured its even better than slavery because you aren't out the large investment of buying a slave, you can just kick 'em out in front of an ER and grab another off the street corner easy peasy.

Oh and thanks to the joke of a border according to my friends in law enforcement old fashioned slavery is alive and well too, they say you can buy a girl from the coyotes for as little as $5k in cash, $10k and they'll deliver.

Comment: Re:Don't buy/invest in mainland China (if you can) (Score 1) 189

by shutdown -p now (#47956759) Attached to: Why a Chinese Company Is the Biggest IPO Ever In the US

Did you see the stats for the growth of their middle class over the past 15 years or so?

I'm not disputing that the country is ardently capitalist and has tightly guarded elite circles. But for most people in there, that's not where they are aiming for. What they want is basically just comfortable living, and their standard for it is getting pretty close to what the West enjoys. And with every new generation, there are millions more actually enjoying it - even though there's still hundreds of millions locked out. But for now, the trend is good.

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by X0563511 (#47954537) Attached to: Google's Doubleclick Ad Servers Exposed Millions of Computers To Malware

You should get an ICMPv4 response with a type value of 3, and code value of 3.

RST happens when something borks up in an existing session, not in response to a SYN. (exception: when firewalls/NAT gateways are configured to reply with an RST, instead of dropping or ICMP).

Don't you kids know anything?

Comment: Re:Alibaba's AliExpress store is ripe with fakes (Score 1) 189

by DarkOx (#47953031) Attached to: Why a Chinese Company Is the Biggest IPO Ever In the US

If he actually cares about decent hard working Americans he saves Amazon because Amazon investors at least own the company and Amazon is a US company providing a useful potentially profitable service.

Alibaba investors on the other hand are Wall Street gamblers who don't actually own anything other than some moon beam and unicorn promises that Alibaba really will distribute its profits to the Cayman islands company they actually own. That also presupposes the Chinese government won't just decide the whole arrangement isn't legal in the first place.


Comment: Re:Why is Alibaba selling IPO in USA? (Score 1) 189

by DarkOx (#47952997) Attached to: Why a Chinese Company Is the Biggest IPO Ever In the US

I know I can't believe this facts are being so under reported myself. The Alibaba management or the Chinese government (which probably could no matter what) is basically able to do just about anything they want and completely screw the investors who will be left with essentially no recourse legal or otherwise.

Its crazy to get into this deal where equity investors have essentially no rights or claim.

The cynic in me thinks the institutional guys buying up this IPO know this perfectly well and plan to unload it all on the retail folks before the next show drops. This deal stinks in so many ways; hopefully good people and their 401k managers will have enough sense to stay the hell away from it.

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