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Comment Re:Somewhat O.T.: favorites? (Score 1) 70

I've been reading the Fate of the Jedi series lately and its been enjoyable. Its pretty long-winded though which leads you to wonder how much of a cash-in it is that it is planned at 9 books.

I also fondly remember reading the Zahn books around when they came out. I was much younger then and I re-read them about a year and a half ago. They're still pretty good and got me back into the rest of the SW books.

Comment Re:Eh... (Score 1) 271

They need to work on having some actual selection in who to follow. I'm not too far removed from music that normal people listen to and I couldn't find a single person to follow. Sorry, I don't want to follow U2 or Lady Gaga, but I would expect some tacit groups for classics like Metallica. I'm sure its all about contracts with record companies, but its DOA right now.

I dislike info sharing as much as the next /.-er, but I really would love a place to have the bands that I like listed to get reccos and updates.

Comment Re:Why (Score 1) 148

Support in an enterprise environment. Enterprise/Professional level software vendors need a base to offer support on and Redhat was the first to be viable in that market. SUSE is kinda there, but Redhat is pretty much the standard when it comes to Linux running high end software packages for businesses.*

*Aside from Z-series/mainframes, but thats a whole other league.

Comment Re:Large scale Apple managed LAN? (Score 1) 460

... but then you would have to use Lotus Notes. Haven't there been enough employee losses in this market without forcing people to commit suicide?

Notes is never an option, unless you are IBM and/or a sadist. I hope their Linux client is better than the packaged-with-wine hack-fest it was before.

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