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Comment: Re:In Defense of Artificial Intelligence (Score 1) 483

by jpm242 (#29959466) Attached to: IT Snake Oil — Six Tech Cure-Alls That Went Bunk

Do you know of any hotel that DOESN'T have a telephone, and if so, how would we call them to make a reservation ?

There are sometimes instances where some fields MUST be filled in, otherwise the whole record becomes worthless.

A dummy phone number won't let you make a reservation. Actually, a blank field indicates that a record is incomplete. A field containing garbage, is also incomplete, except you cant detect it programmatically, at least not as easily as looking for blank fields.

Comment: Re:Been there done that (Score 1) 291

by jpm242 (#28477863) Attached to: Stuck Knob Causes Serious Window Damage To Atlantis

Better than the Chevy 2.8L transverse V6 I suppose. The section of the shop manual for replacing spark plugs starts with: "Unbolt the dogbone and engine mounts and rotate the engine forward". Yes, to replace the sparkplugs you're supposed to unbolt the fucking engine from the car.

Sounds like a well designed vehicle. That's that "Chevy" company that you're talking about? I'd be interested in investing in it.

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