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Comment Re:As a chemist, I have something to say. (Score 3, Interesting) 135

You are correct that heavy metals are everywhere. However, we can't trust corporations to self police, so we have government set limits. It is reasonable for the limits to be more strict with respect to a product that is marketed as a replacement for all of your meals, such as Soylent. Contrast this with tuna fish and mercury content, which is considered to be at acceptable levels when eaten occasionally.

Comment Re:Buckling spring for life! (Score 1) 147

Matias makes full-sized keyboards with mechanical switches that are much less expensive than the half-keyboards. They are priced from $130 to $150 or so. The half-keyboards are niche products and they are more expensive in part due to the tooling costs being a much more significant proportion of the overall cost of manufacture.

There are quite a few mechanical keyboards available on the market that are cheaper than Matias, and some that are more expensive. Unicomp has has both Mac and Windows layout keyboards for a bit less than the Matias boards. There are also a large number of offerings from various manufactures that use Cherry MX switches. The cheapest that I am aware of is the Monoprice Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches, which is about $60. It's acceptable, but the Matias boards have a much higher standard of build quality.

Comment Re:Pinto (Score 1) 247

Don't forget to watch out for the opposing lane of traffic when you are the first one to go when the light turns green. I can't count the number of times I would have been flattened if I wasn't paying attention in that situation, and this is with a delayed green. Never take your right of way for granted.

Comment Re:My Casio Fx48 Calculator has a bigger range. (Score 1) 157

If you think a Googol is big (or a Googolplex), try wrapping your head around Graham's number.

I'll use "^" to represent a Knuth arrow.
Start with 3^^^^3, call that g_1.
Now g_2 is 3^^^...^^^3 but with g_1 Knuth arrows.
g_3 is 3^^^....^^^3 but with g_2 Knuth arrows.
G, or Graham's number, is g_64.

There are numbers with more digits than the number of sub-atomic particles in the universe, that if you repeatedly take the factorial of, over and over again more times than the number of sub-atomic particles in the universe, where the end result would be smaller than Graham's number.

Comment Re:The 3d printed elephant in the room (Score 2) 52

Have you ever looked at the output from a color printer from the 80s? Color dot matrix was absolutely hopeless for anything serious, and ink jet was expensive and not really that much better. Banding was the norm. Of course there were exotic and expensive technologies like dye-sublimation, but they were very expensive. If you are paying attention, that looks a lot like the 3D printing landscape now. The Makerbot style additave printers will probably go away, like dot matrix; and the photosensitave resin ones will improve dramatically and rapidly, like ink jet did in the 90s. They will come way down in price until they are under $100. Even the other exotic technologies will come down in price, like dye-sub did.

Off the top of my head I can think of a dozen or so occasions in the last year where a 3D printed household item or replacement part would have been useful. Remember, it's not just the cost of the part. if you can't 3D print then there is all your time spent sourcing and obtaining the part in question, if it's even available, and then hoping that it's suitable. The factors that will make 3D printing practical for household use are speed and cost. Print speed is exactly what is discussed in TFA. Cost will come down just like every other piece of computer technology ever.

Comment Re:Hackers? (Score 1) 47

Get a grip.

You lost interest in this project because the summary of the slashdot post decribed them as "hackers"?

FYI, a "hacker" is someone who finds uses for a technological item that were not intended/anticipated by the original inventor of that item. Not sure that really applies here, but it doesn't matter, because the wording chosen for a slashdot post summary should have zero impact on weather or not a project is interest-worthy.

Comment Re:What about tetrachromate women ? (Score 0) 176

It is most likely an RGB display, so its color gamut would be limited to what can be made out of those three wavelengths, and not anywhere close to 94% of "nature's true palette". Seriously, if Apple made that claim about a display, they would be a hundred posts by now mercilessly mocking them.


New Permission System Could Make Android Much Less Secure 249

capedgirardeau writes: An update to the Google Play store now groups app permissions into collections of related permissions, making them much less fine grained and potentially misleading for users. For example, the SMS permissions group would allow an app access to both reading and sending SMS messages. The problem is that once an app has access to the group of permissions, it can make use of any of the allowed actions at any time without ever informing the user. As Google explains: "It's a good idea to review permissions groups before downloading an app. Once you've allowed an app to access a permissions group, the app may use any of the individual permissions that are part of that group. You won't need to manually approve individual permissions updates that belong to a permissions group you've already accepted."

Comment Bad Thermostat Placement (Score 1) 216

Often the problem is that the theremostat is not placed anywhere that makes sense.

One place I used to work, I discovered, through trial and error, that the temperature in one room was controlled by a thermostat in a totally disconnected workspace. Since the people in the workspace always wanted it warmer, the temperature in the disconnected room (which was basically sealed off behind a big thick locked door) would run away to 85 or 90, which would cause the temperature in the refrigerator in that room to go out of spec.

Fun times.

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