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Comment Re:extraordinary claims (Score 1) 332

Both you and the author are wrong. Books are processed by individual humans, who are supposed to understand and follow company policy but may or may not do so. The most plausible scenario is simply that the author hit an overly zealous censor who misinterpreted what they're supposed to be looking out for, and that censoring references to Amazon is not official Apple policy. FWIW, I've had issues much like this with Amazon's book publishing arm CreateSpace: some manuscripts were rejected by processor A for dubious reasons, and then accepted when the resubmission was processed by guy B instead.

Submission Wikitravel dumps Internet Brands, Wikimedia to host fork ->

jpatokal writes: "Once pipped to do to Lonely Planet what Wikipedia did to Encyclopedia Britannica, Creative Commons licensed travel guide Wikitravel has languished ever since it was bought by a used car company in 2006. But the community has finally had enough: the Wikimedia Foundation has agreed in principle to host a fork, and pretty much all active users are jumping ship. Why did they do it, will the fork succeed and what's Internet Brands going to do about it?"
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Submission Hackers post 450K credentials apparently pilfered from Yahoo->

x0d writes: "Yahoo appears to have been the victim of a security breach that yielded more than 400,000 login credentials stored in plain text.
  The hacked data, posted to hacker site D33D Company, contained more than 453,000 login credentials and appears to have originated from the Web pioneer's network. The hackers, who said they used a union-based SQL injection technique to penetrate the Yahoo subdomain, intended the data dump to be a 'wake-up call.'"

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Submission Why E-Books Will Soon Be Obsolete->

jpatokal writes: E-book digital rights management (DRM) gets a lot of press on Slashdot and rightly so, but the crippling brain damage of e-book formats and distribution extends much further than that. Charlie Stross recently predicted that e-readers like Kindle will be obsolete in 2-3 years, but will HTML5 and PDFs replace e-books themselves within five, and destroy the publishing industry as we know it in the process?
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Submission Microsoft Makes $300M Investment In New Barnes & Noble Subsidiary

suraj.sun writes: Barnes & Noble has found a new, major partner in its fight to get an edge over Amazon and Apple in the market for e-books and the devices being used to consume them: it is teaming up with Microsoft in what the two are calling a strategic partnership, name yet to be determined. It will come in the form of a new subsidiary of B&N that will include all of its Nook business as well as its educational College business. Microsoft is making a $300 million investment in the subsidiary, valuing the company at $1.7 billion in exchange for around 17.6 percent equity in the subsidiary.

The new company, referred to for the moment as Newco, will contain B&N’s digital business, as well as its College division. While Microsoft will take 17.6 percent, B&N will own 82.4 percent of the venture. And there is a legal twist to the deal, too: the two companies say they have definitely sorted out their patent litigation now: “Moving forward, Barnes & Noble and Newco will have a royalty-bearing license under Microsoft’s patents for its NOOK eReader and Tablet products,” the two write in the release below.

Comment Re:Suing Wikipedia or User? (Score 1) 3

It's complicated -- the letter blames both, but the actual lawsuit is aimed against the user who did the uploading.

Our client contacted the Wikimedia Foundation in April 2009 to request that the images be removed but the Wikimedia Foundation has refused to do so leaving our client with no option but to commence legal proceedings against you personally through the UK Courts. The purpose of this message is to inform you of the nature of our clientâ(TM)s claims against you and to give you an opportunity to settle the claims before legal proceedings are commenced. ...

Our client remains willing to enter into a dialogue with the Wikimedia Foundation to discuss terms upon which low-resolution images of paintings in its collection can be made available on the Wikipedia website and our client will continue to write to the Wikimedia Foundation with requests for discussion. However, to date, the Wikimedia Foundation has ignored our clientâ(TM)s attempts to negotiate this issue, preferring instead to take a more harsh approach that one would expect of a corporate entity.

And no, I have no idea what "a more harsh approach that (sic) one would expect of a corporate entity" means.

Incidentally, the Wikimedia Foundation has a long-standing and consistent position on claims like this:

WMF's position has always been that faithful reproductions of two-dimensional public domain works of art are public domain, and that claims to the contrary represent an assault on the very concept of a public domain ... WMF has made it clear that in the absence of even a strong legal complaint, we don't think it's a good idea to dignify such claims of copyright on public domain works.


Submission Wikipedia Sued By National Portrait Gallery-> 3

jpatokal writes: "The National Portrait Gallery of London is suing a Wikipedia user over his uploads of pictures of some 3,000 paintings, all 19th century or earlier and firmly in the public domain. Their claim? The photos are a "product of a painstaking exercise on the part of the photographer", and that downloading them off the NPG site is an "unlawful circumvention of technical measures". And remember, the NPG's taxpayer-funded mission is to "promote the appreciation and understanding of portraiture in all media [...] to as wide a range of visitors as possible"!"
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Is JavaScript Ready For Creating Quality Games? 165

kumpetan writes "After seeing so many games built with JavaScript, and considering the applications it powers and the use of Ajax, it seems like web developers are now in the game development pot. It is getting easier and more popular with libraries like jQuery, MooTools, Prototype, etc. There are even libraries like Game JS, GameQuery or JavaScript GameLib, specifically for this purpose. So, will we start to see more ambitious game projects arise using these tools?"

Ballmer Ordered To Testify In 'Vista Capable' Case 235

alphadogg writes "A federal judge in Seattle has ordered Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to testify in a class action lawsuit against Microsoft that alleges the company misled consumers in a marketing campaign for its Windows Vista operating system in which computers sold with an older Microsoft OS were labeled 'Vista Capable' when in fact they could only run a basic version of Vista. Ballmer has unique personal knowledge of facts surrounding the case, therefore he must face questioning, Judge Marsha Pechman of the US District Court for the Western District of Washington at Seattle ruled, according to court documents released late Friday."

SpaceX Successfully Tests Nine-Engine Cluster 182

the_other_chewey writes "At their test facility in Texas, SpaceX, the privately funded space-flight company, have successfully tested their nine-engine cluster which is planned to provide the heavy lifting capability for their Falcon 9 and Falcon 9 Heavy rockets. The firing lasted three minutes (a full 'mission duty cycle,' i.e. a simulated launch) under full power, delivering 3.8MN (or 855,000 lbs.) of thrust. SpaceX have made a video of the test available. The Waco Tribune has a short report about it, with comments by locals."

Comment So all that buzzwordiness boils down to... (Score 1) 105

2.5 million euros of taxpayer money wasted on adding a bunch of little extensions to the Eclipse development environment:


As one of their two demos, they show how you can use the GUI to add an Amazon EC2 instance "in only five minutes" -- as opposed to typing one (1) command or using Amazon's own ElasticFox.

The Internet

Submission Wikipedia begets Veropedia

Ponca City, We Love You writes: "October saw the launch of Veropedia, a collaborative effort to collect the best of Wikipedia's content, clean it up, vet it, and save it in a quality stable version that cannot be edited. To qualify for inclusion in Veropedia, a Wikipedia article must contain no cleanup tags, no "citation needed" tags, no disambiguation links, no dead external links, and no fair use images after which candidates for inclusion are reviewed by recognized academics and experts. One big difference with Wikipedia is that Veropedia is registered as a for profit corporation and earns money from advertising on the site. Veropedia is supposed to help improve the quality of Wikipedia because contributors must improve an article on Wikipedia, fixing up all the flaws, until a quality version can be imported to Veropedia. To date Veropedia contains about 3,800 articles."

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