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Comment Re:Blinders Much (Score 1) 103

Another in the same vein... why can't I get a digital-imaging back for my old 35mm Nikon cameras?

Isn't that what a DSLR body is? Most of the cost of a modern camera is in the sensor, DSP chip, screen, and software. The components you would be reusing from your old 35mm body (mirrors, dials, viewfinder, housing itself) are all comparatively cheap. It doesn't make much sense to spend time designing hardware to reuse them.

Comment Re:This is why we don't trust them with anything (Score 2) 305

I don't think there should be limits on contributions private property and the disposition there of it, is the very corner stone of liberty. Once you start telling people how they can spend their own money, freedom is just a joke.

So you think bribery is necessary to keep freedom from being "a joke"???

If someone independently and anonymously wants to run issues ads, I think that is okay and their should be no limits on their downing so.

You don't see the problem with people being able to run issue ads with no accountability? What's to stop people from just saturating the airwaves with disinformation and outright lies?

Comment Re:Really? (Score 2) 189

Anything ending is 2,4,5,6,8 or 0 is gone immediately as non-prime. Three, sixes and nines have rules similar to the above that operate on the digits of base-10 expression. It would seem to rule out vast swathes of such numbers. Past that, there's not much left to check at all.

Yes, because I'm sure a bunch of world-class mathematicians who have spent their lives working with primes aren't aware of those things. Thank goodness they have you around to help them out, or they might have wasted all that time checking even numbers for primality!

Comment Re:bah (Score 1) 208

Fuel efficiency is typically measured in liters/100km or miles per gallon. It generally doesn't consider weight, engine size, engine power, passenger capacity, or any number of other things.

Yes, we *could* measure fuel efficiency in liters per 100km per kg, but we don't.

Comment Re:bah (Score 1) 208

They care how much CO2 it's producing "per X number of km". Which is directly related to how much fuel it is burning per km. So, yes, governments are definitely taxing based on how fuel efficient cars are. That's what they're measuring through CO2 emissions.

Comment Re:It's about fraud (Score 1) 494

Yes, but it doesn't make any sense to give back the full value of a car after five years. It's just stupid, and you know very well it's stupid. The car is not worth that much - not even close. All a consumer could really hope for would be to get the value of the difference in value of the car before and after this information was released. If this scandal suddenly made the car worth 30% less on the used market, well, that's what the consumer is owed.

Comment Re:It's about fraud (Score 1) 494

VW should be forced to buy-back at original transaction price all of these cars, as no owner will be satisfied by the performance of the cars post-retrofit.

That doesn't make any sense - the car worked as promised (except for the extra emissions) for the time the driver's used it. If anything they should have to buy back the car at its current resale value, but even that is pushing it.

Comment Re:Considering how fast Google ditched China (Score 1) 381

Except that's not what they're doing at all. They're asking that Google censor the results on all of its domains when accessed from within France. They don't care about search results on outside of France.

The obvious solution for Google is to make all of their non-European domains redirect to European ones when accessed from within the EU. Google is intentionally breaking the law because of their stance on censorship. That may or may not be a good thing depending on your view, but that is what is happening here.

What is definitely *not* happening is France trying to enforce its laws outside of France - the headline and article are intentionally misleading.

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