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+ - U.S. engineers at a disadvantage. ->

Submitted by jp102235
jp102235 (923963) writes "In a recent report, Doug Freedman, an analyst at Broadpoint AmTech, provided an update on Monolithic Power Systems Inc. (MPS), a U.S. fabless manufacturer of high-performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors.This was the real stunner: MPS ''has 50 design engineers in China, who were trained at MPS and have one-fifth to one-tenth the salary. This can really help drive the product pipeline. Only 160 out of 600 employees are in the U.S.,'' Freedman said. So, a chip maker can hire engineers in China at one-fifth to one-tenth the salary! I knew engineers in China and India are paid less than their counterparts in the U.S., but I'm stunned about Freedman's data.Here's the big questions: Based on this data, are U.S. engineers at a disadvantage? Is the handwriting on the wall for U.S.-trained engineers? Is that what all multinationals must do to compete by hiring in China and elsewhere? Is the salary situation unfair or not?"
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+ - AMD samples 45nm processors

Submitted by jp102235
jp102235 (923963) writes "AMD shipped samples of it 45nm processors according to this article. Highlights are the use of Ultra Low dielectrics, the two chips are one server chip codenamed Shanghai; and the other a desktop processor codenamed Deneb. Along with the chip announcement, AMD launched an integrated graphics chipset the 780G, which replaces the previous 690G. It supports DirectX 10 and uses the ATI-developed unified video decoder for boosting processing speeds to handle high-definition movies, eliminating the need for a separate graphics card. The 780G also supports hybrid graphics and displayport. not doing much for the stock price..... yet. JP"
Portables (Apple)

+ - JP Morgan rejects iPhone nano report

Submitted by jp102235
jp102235 (923963) writes "JP Morgan has moved to dismiss its own previous claims that Apple will release an iPhone nano within months. It seems the claims of the Taiwanese analyst were pure speculation and maybe wishful thinking, and JP Morgan US is trying to distance itself from those claims and seemingly refute them as well. The bump in stock price may (or may not) be due to this typical example of market movement (or manipulation) based on an analyst's unfounded claims. At least somebody made money on this."

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