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Comment: Re:Minor Fluctuation? (Score 1) 560

by jozmala (#46296053) Attached to: How Well Do Our Climate Models Match Our Observations?

It matters because it means that we are heading even higher temperatures, because atmospheric concentration of CO2 doesn't go down but up. And because it takes time to heat a planet it also means that we have already emitted a higher temperature increase than that. Same models predict a 2.6-4.8 degree increase by the end of century if we continue emitting current amounts of CO2 to atmosphere. 0.3-1.7 degree if greens take over the world this year and we eliminate all emissions faster than reasonably possible. [Those are IPCC ranges for two different scenarios often used by skeptics as 0.3-4.8 range for saying scientist don't know at all.] . The high scenario goes higher than that next century even if it stops emissions late in century.

It also leads a slight increase in violence, and extreme weather events. Paradoxically it may cause part of a year somewhere in the world being much colder than it has used to by changing wind patterns, while making other places much hotter.
This is below current inter year variation caused by oceans either storing or releasing heat. But don't forget its just a battery for the energy and not affect the total accumulation of energy in the system. But its increasing the baseline which the variation occurs, so high's will be higher.
  Big impact is more extreme weather phenomenon happening more frequently, so once in a decade storms become once a year storm, once in a decade heatwaves happen every other year.

As for this year, middle east stole Scandinavian winter weather. They got snow that normally ends up here instead, and all we got was rain for Christmas.

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I'm not a lawyer, but I just read the law in question and my native language is Finnish.
That law doesn't apply between religious organisations and their congregation.
Also the law was put in a place to get rid of scammers trying to scam people their money for a "good cause", by requiring them to have registered in Finland and telling the police what they actually are going to use that money for so that they can actually verify if donations go where they promise and with random checks that they ask for the cause they told in the permission application. That is OLD law, not updated to current situation.

As what the police could potentially do is flag website as scamming site and put it on ISP blocking list and bring criminal charges that leaders of Wikipedia face if they ever travel to Europe. (Which may happen because there are opensource conferences here too). If this escalates and Wikimedia ignores them.
But more than likely someone just wants Wikimedia to act through Finnish intermediary organisation and obey the letter of law.
Now for more of a conspiracy theory option for the situation. Someone is pissed of the old law and wants the judges make precedence for new situation or lawmakers change the law, and target someone who they know is going to make enough noise for politicians to collect brownie points by fixing the law to fit for current situation.

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by jozmala (#36371844) Attached to: Average Gamer Is 37 Years Old

Its just very shameful that game makers consider that games are only played by children and make only that kind of content, 1987 they made only child's games and they didn't fix that by 1996 or 1997 maybe they will fix it now.
Its time to kick ass and chew bubble gum. I'm all out of gum.
Please state your age.

Yes sure you are.

To verify your age please answer these five simple questions.
I live again.

Comment: The world will end when... (Score 1) 585

by jozmala (#36207104) Attached to: The world will end ...

A) Someone launches nuclear holocaust, or bio weapon holocaust.
B) Some self replicating nanomachine makes everything on the surface a replica of its self.
C) Runaway global warming kills us all. (If reasonably bad global warming goto A)
D) Jesus comes back and Judges everyone by their actions. (For all crimes death penalty, now only question is that has someone already suffered yours.)
F) Some solar event kills all communication and reconnaissance satellites and systems. Goto A.

Comment: Re:Look at the State of Baden-Württemberg! (Score 1) 1122

by jozmala (#35657888) Attached to: Things Get Worse at Fukushima

Do you mean reactors built when PDP-10 was new kid on the computing ground, and nobody could imagine that people would own computers in home. When those reactors get hit by 9.0 magnitude earth quake and resulting tsunami, then there would be major nuclear accident with ZERO or near zero death toll (too early to tell). Compared to tens of thousands of people who would of died out of respitatory problems if its electricity production would of been done by fossil fuels instead. The total power generation capacity of Fukushima plant is about what 2.5 million people in western industrialized country requires with supporting industry. The coal power plant producing equal amount of electricity would put 25 tons of uranium to atmosphere each year. So that about 1000 tons of uranium during the already used life time of Fukushima plant coming from coal plants producing equal amount of electricity.

Yeah. There's real risk that we might get several kilos of uranium somewhere from that nuclear power plant released so we would be SO much better if we just would get 25 tons of uranium guaranteed from coal instead of risk of getting some from nuclear.

Comment: real enviromentalism (Score 1) 695

by jozmala (#35652980) Attached to: Europe Plans To Ban Petrol Cars From Cities By 2050

Good enviromentalists want to improve the productivity of our agriculture AND dedicate larger area to nature, by reducing number of farms. Good enviromentalist want to ban ALL fossil fuels including burning renewables in relatively short period, and replace them with lots of nuclear power stations using spend nuclear fuel as its own fuel by shipping it to across the continent to recycling center and back. Its all about land use, the denser mankind means far more area for nature, and nuclear is about as dense power source as you can get, and sheer volume of waste in other methods of electric production is unbelievable.
Getting rid of fossil fuels means reduced inhaling problems. Good enviromentalists want to ban tobacco and alcohol and marihuana. Both cause both enviromental problems at production, and health problems and problems to bystanders. Good enviromentalists want to increase durability of products so that far less production is required for given living standards, oh and electrical efficiency is nice bonus. Good enviromentalist want to reduce commute and shopping distance by living in dense city centers, instead of on some god forsaken far away location.

The idiot enviromentalists only considers things by emotion, if it feels good it is good and if it feels bad it is bad, no matter what the numbers tell us.

Unfortunately idiot enviromentalists dominate the numbers and media.

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by jozmala (#35229186) Attached to: The True Cost of Publishing On the Amazon Kindle

I just used this to estimate their price 100 000 numbers mailing and printing on 96 page version. With everypage 4 color. Cost 1.2 dollars per issue per subscriber, if I went to over board with all the options the price would be 1.6 dollars.

And for bigger size magazine the cost can go upto 2.2 USD.

Of course 192 pages which is maximum they print the cost becomes 4USD. But thats 0.5" pile of paper.

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by jozmala (#33071988) Attached to: Global Warming 'Undeniable,' Report Says

The civilization is going to change by this, no matter what. And we still have some say on the magnitude and type of change.
For instance flooding of florida and california, extra nasty storms and droughts, and extra heat on the outside, some nice diseases coming north with their carriers living conditions. And most of all lots of desperate people with nukes.

Comment: Re:Statistics is HARD (Score 1) 572

by jozmala (#30714332) Attached to: Why Programmers Need To Learn Statistics

statistics is EASY atleast in university.

Just look dozen of previous exams
spend one hour with someone who really knows their math to solve some of the problems.
Go to exam.
Repeat until passed.

Sometimes statistical analysis gives you enough exact questions that are coming in next exam.
  If it doesn't then you can continue collecting more data, until you get it right ;)
And it doesn't even matter if its the anomalous data point the time when you pass.

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