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Comment Mandate open firmware, awesome idea. (Score 1) 193

Yes. Mandating open firmware, awesome idea. Because we want to need X different compilers compiling code for Y different cpus/mcus running Z basic OSses just to compile our kernel and use our hardware. It will make our lives so much better. Why not just mandate that those embedded cpus must run Linux themselves?

Perhaps it makes sense to differentiate between binary drivers for Linux (bad) and binary blobs running on the embedded hardware taking to opensource drivers (ok)?

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 106

Except that they concentrate on "the last mile" and take this very literally. I have a VDSL2 with vectoring connection that supports 70mbit down and 10mbit up (and the modem claims it can go to 110/27) but I'm only a few hundred meter from the exchange. Don't expect bandwidth like that after a mile of copper cable... that rural house that will NEVER get fiber will NEVER get decent xDSL either.

Comment Breaking Bad Season 5.5 Controversy (Score 2) 443

Of course, many people pirated "the final season" of Breaking Bad after they purchased the full Season 5 then the retailers (Amazon, iTunes,.. ) turned the second half of the 5th season in "the final season" and charged users a second time... Source:

Comment Re:What a relief. (Score 1) 614

What about the cost of downgrading all those machines they buy to an operating system that isn't officially supported anymore? Running a browser that isn't supported anymore? And the increased risk of using old software with known vulnerabilities?

I do admit those are more hidden costs... just like the cost of those 15 departments not maintaining their apps.

It's a bit like the current financial crisis: you keep adding leverage and keep telling yourself it won't break just yet....

When it does eventually break, there is so much "legacy" that nobody can really determine who's fault is all was... and that suits everybody just fine.

Comment Contracts cannot be secret? (Score 5, Informative) 562

I am no laywer and I am assuming the cap is part of your contract with them, I cannot see how they can keep their definition of bandwidth usage a secret. They are now basically claiming that you are restricted in your usage upto the cap but they refuse to tell you what the cap actually *means*. Without clear understanding of how usage is measured, the number of the cap is meaningless.

So you are subject to provions in a contract that you are not allowed to know. It would surprise me very much if they could hold that up in court...

Comment Re:online games (Score 1) 291

First, they look at it differently: each second hand sale is a sale they earn no money from. They consider that a lost sale. This is debatable.

Second, you make the assumption that you payed for unlimited service for an unlimited time. In practice, however you have a limited amount of time you can play games and a limited amount of time you are willing to spend on this particular game. This is calculated into the price of the game. Each second hand gamer increases this particular amount of time per original sale of the game and thus increases service costs.

In the end, a second hand sale is not only a sale that does not bring in money, it actually costs them money.

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