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Curiosity Rover Being Upgraded With Autonomous Sensor Program 45

DevotedSkeptic writes "Curiosity will be getting a software upgrade called Autonomous Exploration for Gathering Increased Science (AEGIS) which will allow it to take on the go photos to save precious time while exploring our red neighbor. Another interesting feature AGEIS may be able to provide is the ability for Curiosity to call home when it sees something interesting. It won't be a quick upgrade: AEGIS, which has been used on the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity since 2009, will be installed on Curiosity in the next nine to 12 months, Estlin said in an interview with InformationWeek. The AEGIS software, developed by JPL, was named NASA's 'software of the year' in 2011. Opportunity uses the software to take a wide-angle image with a low-resolution camera, then picks out rocks in the image to see if there's something of interest. If so, it takes a high-resolution image using an on-board science camera that's capable of zooming in on the subject. The software has potential beyond picture taking. Its see-and-react code could be adapted to other instruments." There's a paper on the software as used in the Opportunity rover.

Comment Re:Not so sure. (Score 1) 135

Apprentice gave me some error about couldn't open Plains.jpg, then repeated "Send buffer full, try again later" and then crashed on my first attempt to play a game. Second attempt I got into a game, but when I drew 7 cards it gave "List index (59) out of bounds." Interface still sucks, you have to know all the commands and all the rules of the game to play it (compared to the commercial M:tG games, which suck for other reasons, but at least they help you with the rules)

Comment Re:If I recall..... (Score 1) 333

Here's the thing you and the other reply is missing: There's no way to encode, you cannot change the value of the bit! You both take the same measurement and both get the same result, but there's now way of forcing that result to be 1 or 0. You're both flipping a coin, and the coins will always land heads or both will land tails, but it's random and you have no control over it.

Comment Re:Ain't happening (Score 1) 704

Just picked three random motherboards off newegg, expensive, midrange, and cheap, and none of them had serial or parallel ports:

Interestingly, the cheapest one does list serial and parallel headers on the board, so with the right adapter you could still get them.

Comment Re:Unsuitable for teaching (Score 1) 161

RMS, is that you? The world is never going to be your communist open source utopia where closed source and profiting off of software is illegal. People don't need the netlist for every IC they use. This board is more closed than most, but it's a compromise I'm willing to make as the price per performance is better by a mile than anything out there.

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