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+ - OpenSuse 10.2 goes unnoticed on /.?

Submitted by jopet
jopet (538074) writes "Strange.
I can't estimate how many people might have submitted an article about OpenSuse's release of version 10.2 on Dec. 7th, 2006, 4 days ago from now. But I find it extremely odd that none of these submissions was published during those 4 days.

How come?

Given that one can find an article about every minor alpha release of software like Firefox, and some even less important topics, it is extremely sobering to see that an important new version of one of the most popular Linux distros is being completely ignored.

So what is the reason for this? Are the editors just ignorant, lazy, or are they actively suppressing this?"

+ - OpenSuse 10.2 is Out and /. Sleeps

Submitted by
jopet writes "Nearly a day has passed since OpenSUSE has been officially released. All media have long spread the news, only /. was not able to publish one of the probably many submissions about the event. Why? Why is every minor alpha pre-release of other products (e.g. Firefox) immediately covered in an article and the release of a major Linux distro not covered after nearly 24 hours?"

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